Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The girl crush edition

I’ve had a bit of good fortune in the radio department recently. Mckdaddy turned 40 a couple of weeks ago (how?) and his lovely sister treated him to a iphone dock with speakers that charges your phone as you listen. So, I now have access to iplayer, in my kitchen, in scrummy stereo. It is just bliss, all my favourites while I cook tea and even better, dramas and plays while I do weekend cooking

Anyway, I actually managed to listen to this particular gem ‘live’, I am not quite sure how that happened, but I’m not complaining. 
One of my girl crushes, as you may already know, is writer, Catilin Moran. I was almost beside myself when I saw her having coffee, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, especially when she confirmed it was her in a tweet. I loved her book ‘How to be a Woman’, which made me simultaneously feel militant and laugh out loud. This interview made me want to read it all over again, which I probably will. 
Chain Reaction is an half hour comedy interview show, where one famous person is interviewed by another and then the following week becomes the interviewer to someone else. Like a chain, geddit?
This week the lovely, if somewhat croaky Tim Minchin interviewed Caitlin Moran and it was every bit as good as I’d hoped and this Friday night Moran will be interviewing Jennifer Saunders, which will also be worth a listen and as this is a Friday Night Comedy you can get it as a podcast, in case you haven’t got time to listen this week.
p.s – I also found that Stephen Fry is back on the radio talking about language in Fry’s English Delight. It’s delightful.

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