A new term

It was as if the seasons knew Mckdaddy was back at school today. The grass was damp and there was a chill in the air when I went for my last, long, weekday run before the half marathon.

After a lazy and yet busy summer holiday, it’s time to get back to normal and my thoughts always turn to organising at this time of year. I have a theory that after 15 years of school/college/university, I am programmed to want to buy new notepads, get organised and have good intentions. Or perhaps living with a teacher means you never lose that beginning of term feeling.

I don’t really do spring cleaning. It is in the Autumn that I want to clean the house from top to bottom, clear out the loft, get the garden tidy and de-clutter. It occurs to me that I did have a big de-cluttering plan back in January and yet all the spots I sorted out are looking decidedly, umm…. cluttery. *sigh*

On top of my desire to order the space around me, I also feel the urge to organise tasty, healthy snacks and dinners, make Christmas gifts, re-vamp my blog (actually I’ve been wanting to do that since *sigh again*) and get on with our exciting winter, garden project.

My craft senses are also tingling, as I near the end of my granny square blanket, a joy to make and amazingly, even so after over 100 squares. I am starting to look longingly at new colour combinations and dreaming of my next project.

However, I am unclear as to how I am going to fit it in. September and October are stupidly busy, what with Blogcamp, The MADs and the Royal Parks Half Marathon, all in London. Add to this a wedding (my cousins) and a birthday (mine – yey!) and it all feels a bit blurry.

I don’t want my new found desire to fall by the wayside, just as my old beginning of term neat exercise books did at school, but how to find the time?

I guess I’ll start with a new, gorgeous notebook and a really enormous list.


6 thoughts on “A new term

  1. Your blanket is looking very impressive indeed. I am completely with you on the whole September thing, I definitely feel the need to get stuff done.

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