Bad habits and a little experiment

Bad habits are so easy to form and yet so hard to break. Whether it be a whole pack of Thornton’s Caramel Shortbreads most evenings (I have broken this, I haven’t lost much weight as a result and my mouth is watering just typing the words) or too much Twitter. I have fallen into bad habits at the end of each evening and I need to change it.

My evenings tend to follow the same pattern. I intend to go bed early in a relaxed frame of mind, but instead what is more likely is: Feed baby and pop him in his cot, return to bedroom and chat on Twitter or Facebook for a few minutes, this becomes twenty, haul self off bed, get washing loaded for the morning, tidy up, make a cup of tea. After this, I usually intend to do something on-line for a short amount of time, browse, write a blog, plan a run, send an email or two, but invariably time gets eaten up on-line. The writing of blog becomes, writing a blog, taking ages to get the photos right, visiting a couple of blogs and commenting, dropping in and out of twitter. Replying to a couple of emails, becomes replying to lots and then deleting of unwanted ones. By the time I come to watch some TV or a DVD and pick up my crochet it is always much later than I would like. However, I still do watch something and then it finishes too late. Even if I do pick up a book after this, I only manage half a page before my eyes are closing.

It’s not even that I am going to sleep particularly late, maybe 10:30 or 11pm, or that I struggle to fall asleep, but I am sure if I had a more restful wind down period I would feel more refreshed in the morning. Feeling refreshed in the morning is pretty essential in a house with an early rising toddler, but even more so at the moment. With only a month to go before I run a half marathon I have to get out early to get my run in on a weekday and I mean EARLY, 6:30 kind of early.

I’ve had discussions about this with friends before and we all said we would try internet free from 9pm and asleep by 10pm for a week. I think we lasted about two nights, at the most. So, this week I am going to try something similar again. I am going to have all screens off by 9:30 and the internet off before that, which will then give me time to read or write my journal, or *gasp* both and still be lights out at 10pm. I am curious to see if I feel different at the end of the week and if I have in fact still squeezed in some blogging and commenting.

As part of this plan I am thinking much more carefully about whether I want my smart phone within reach. I left it downstairs last night and it felt strange, but easier to stick to my plan without the temptations. Surprisingly I missed it for silly things like checking the next day’s weather or the opening time of the library, as much as for social media.

So, seeing as I am getting close to the time I want to switch off the computer you’ll not be getting any pretty pictures on this post, as if I publish quickly I may get the chance to comment on a couple of blogs.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week.


8 thoughts on “Bad habits and a little experiment

  1. I have exactly the same problem. I try and stick to a bit of a routine but it all goes out of the window and I try and cram too many things in which inevitably means I go to bed most evenings feeling quite stressed about the things that I haven't managed to do. Doesn't make for a great nights sleep

  2. This is a major trap Ive fallen in too!And we all know 5minutes on twitter just aint going to happen!I find the best way for me is to put the phone out if sight.A grown up woman and having to put the phone out of sight!Madness!hope you get on well with the experiment x

  3. I think far too many of us have fallen for the trap of on-line/smart phone addictiveness! It's so easy to get sidetracked, I spend far too much of my time on them, and often wonder what I'd actually get done if I didn't spend so much time on them each day/evening-my house might even be gleaming clean if I put the laptop away for a bit!

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