A distinct voice?

Blogging conferences always leave me full of reflection. It’s not often that you get a whole day to think and talk about one thing, or in fact any time at all. Most of the time i just write the thing. A day listening to speakers talk about writing, blogging and social media followed by the solitude of a train journey, inevitably gets me thinking about my blog, what it means to me, what it is and what I would like it to be. I find myself asking whether it reflects my voice, my thoughts and my life. In the past I have been very clear with myself that I don’t want to blog about blogging and I am clearly breaking that rule right now. Blogging about blogging always seems such an inward looking, self indulgent thing to do, but then what is blogging, if not self-indulgent.

Clearly Blogcamp proved I don’t have distinctive footwear

I have been told a few times, that my blog voice is different to my twitter voice, that isn’t intentional and I’m not really sure which is most authentically me. I have been described as funnier on twitter, as well as more negative and I wonder if I do have too much of a filter here, things are edited and certainly there is more thought put in to posts. Twitter is simply a snippet, completely in the now. Does that make it less authentic or just a different side of me and if the negative, moany stuff gets filetered out here, does some of the bite and humour go with it? Maybe and that is a shame. Does that make Mummy Limited a blander, more boring version of me? I certainly don’t give any thought to my readers when tweeting, but I guess I do when blogging. Is that a bad thing?
Stu Heritage did a great presentation at blogcamp about how to avoid negative feedback on-line and his basic premise is that you can’t. That you will always encouter some arsehole who doesn’t agree with you. As he started the first thought that crossed my mind is that I go out of my way to avoid spats and negativity and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, I wonder if I am not being true to myself by ensuring I stay away from certain topics.
I have opinions, strong ones on some things and yet I rarely express them on the blog. There are things I feel passionately about and they are often parenting related and so relevant not only to me, but to the people that read the blog. Interestingly, the one time i did stick my neck out, just a little, I got more RT’s, comments and page views than I ever had before and no arseholes. I’m not suggesting I want to be on my soapbox every day, as that isn’t how I feel every day, but sometimes I do and yet it gets left off here.
On the flip side, I would also love to write more posts that are just updates on me and my family, in a entertaining, rambling way. I love those posts, they seem to be about nothing, but are always about something. I can’t remember the last time I really, properly blogged about Nano and Mini and I am losing the stuff that makes them unique, in time as well as in personality. Kelly at A Place of my Own does these really well, as does, Keris Stainton, who I met today and interestingly, was exactly as she comes across both on her blog and on Twitter. You see, a distinct, authentic voice.
I’m not really sure where I am going with all this. I guess I am thinking that my blog is perhaps showing the best of me, the highlights, but not the best of ‘me’. Do you see what I mean? As a result, I risk sliding into the bland and uninteresting.
This all sounds a bit like a blogging crisis of confidence and it isn’t really, well, maybe just a little, but I hope that by actually getting this down on the screen I will make sure that I do find my true voice, or at least that I try to present it here, because I owe that to you, my readers and more to the point I owe it to myself.
What do you think? Does your blog ‘sound’ like you and as I’m being self-indulgent does this blog sound like me?


7 thoughts on “A distinct voice?

  1. I shy away from strong opinions and confrontation in real life and so personally it isn't something that is a part of my blog. I think that the reason that my blog is authentic is that I write for me, I don't consider my audience. I like having readers but at the end of the day I am just being myself. I know you in real life and I love you in all of your brilliance. You give straight to the point no nonsense advice that really helps me get through some days and sometimes I don't think that side of you comes through.How much do you plan and edit posts? I have a vague idea of how it is going to start perhaps or the general subject but I write by the seat of my pants and rarely even read anything back. Maybe you could try doing that? Or doing something like blogging every day for a month (at the same time as NanoWrimo there is something called NaBloPoMo which is blogging every day for a month).Sorry I am rambling. Much like my blog! I love your blog and it should be what you want it to be.P.S. I think that it is okay to blog about blogging if you are just talking about yourself and not telling people what is 'right or wrong'.

  2. My blog is the more conversational and interactive side of me. Strangely, I find it much easier to disagree and confront other people in person rather than in print. I want to look someone in the eye in order to really understand their point of view and express mine. Maybe it's because I don't have enough faith in the way I write to be able to convey what I really mean.You're entitled to have your blog sound any way you want, and change that tone of voice any time you want. We all have different sides to us.

  3. I have never really thought about this. I don't know if I do or not. I just blog what I want to and try to keep it honest and as true to me as possible. I am a fan of your blog and you xx

  4. I never used to be controversial on my blog, because it was about planning our trip, then I also was aware that everyone I knew in real life was reading. So I stuck to that. When I started my new blog, I didn't really know what I wanted it to be about, iykwim, but I've found that I enjoy sometimes writing about controversial stuff, if it starts a discussion. I like a good argument in real life, so why not on here? So I think if it's the kind of thing you like, do it. I'm quite spiky on twitter sometimes, or maybe sarky is a better word, don't know, but I enjoy a bit of a barney. I do think there's a big difference between here and twitter, because there's a feeling that this is permanent and twitter is throwaway. I don't think that means that one is more authentic than the other, it's just the difference between the two media. I'm lucky enough to know you in RL and I'd say you're you in both places, just not always the same.

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