I ran 10 miles this morning. As I sit here in front of the computer as I do so often it doesn’t seem real. It doesn’t feel like it was me. Of course, the mild aches in my thighs and knees are reminding me that it is real and that it was me.

I didn’t like sport at school, or at least I liked hockey and tennis, but the time spent doing these sports was brief, it always seemed to be gymnastics, athletics or netball, all of which I was terrible at, being a shorty, slightly dumpy adolescent. Sport and fitness have never been a big part of my life and yet over the last six months I have built up the miles and achieved distances I never imagined I could and certainly never imagined that I would enjoy.

Not all of today’s milestone run was enjoyable. There were times when all I thought about was how much my legs ached and how I still had so far to go, but there were also times when my legs simply carried me along with little effort, smooth and strong, taking me around my route without any thoughts of tiredness.

The half marathon I am running in is only three weeks away and so it has been on my mind a lot. When I don’t want to go out, as I have felt for this last week, I have just wanted it to be over, to have a break, but on days like today, I wonder if I will have the motivation to get out at 7am on a weekend morning, when I don’t have something to train for.

I do know that I want to keep running. It has bought so many positive things into my life. The fresh air and time away from the family have become precious. The fact that it really is the best way to start the day. It has changed my view of my own body image. One of the reasons I started was to lose some weight, but I don’t view it as a weight loss tactic anymore. I have lost a few pounds, although not many, instead I have lost inches, my legs are more defined and my arms are less flabby. More importantly though is how it has changed my brain. I no longer think about weight, I think about wanting to be fitter, stronger, more able to run around with my children, having more energy and the way that exercise makes me happier. After thinking about weight for most of my adult life that is such a relief.

I also love how it makes an impact on my children too. I never imagined how powerful seeing me exercise would become. It was bought home to me today when Mckdaddy walked back from the shops with Mini Mck and he started running. “Look, Daddy, I can run really fast, just like my Mummy” Surely that is reason enough to keep going.

My 10 mile face

It will be harder to keep going after race day. It will be darker in the mornings and colder and I won’t have a date on the calender to force my hand. However, for today, I just want to bask in the knowledge that this morning I ran 10 miles.


6 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Ten miles? Proper mentalist! But tell you what gf, I am IMPRESSED (see, capital letters!) I did a 5k race last year and know how hard running is, especially when, like me, you're not built for it – but proper high five. x

  2. Wow that's fab,I've always wanted to run but not given it a serious go.To be honest I'm so unfit I wouldn't even get off our cul de sac!Well done you,you should be proud x

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