Weaning and Feeding Twitter Chat with Plum Baby – Come and join in

You have your new baby in your arms and thinking about feeding it anything other than milk seems like an age away, you blink, fall asleep a few times and before you know it all your fellow baby Mum friends are talking about weaning and you are up to your armpits on squashed banana with yogurt in your hair.

It can be a time full of doubts and questions. Are they getting enough of the right stuff? Are they getting too much of the stuff that they shouldn’t be eating, like salt and sugar? Is their enough variety? It is one of those parenting milestones that can, depending on your baby, be really difficult for many of us.

To help you out and get all your brilliant weaning stories and tips, I will be co-hosting a Twitter chat with fabulous foodie blogger Chris from Thinly Spread, in conjunction with Plum Baby and Tots 100 about all things weaning and feeding related. Chris has four children, who are way past the hosing down after meals stage, so she’s had plenty of experience and as you know, weaning is still very much a part of my life. So, between us we should have plenty of ideas for you to help with those early eating days.

I would love you to join us on Thursday 27th September between 1-2pm for the opportunity to share your tips and get some ideas and winning ways from other tweeters. We have a £100 voucher and 5 Plum goodie bags to give away to the best tweets and you never know your gem of knowledge could help someone who is tired of scraping food off the walls and would like more of it to go into their baby’s mouth.

I look forward to seeing you on Twitter on Thursday and don’t forget to:

  • Use the hashtag #plumweaning so that we can see your tweets and spread the word to your friends and followers.
  • Follow us on Twitter @mummylimited @thinlyspread @tots100 and @plum_baby so you can keep up with the conversation.
If you can’t make it on Thursday lunchtime, but have a burning question then just leave me a comment and I’ll try to get you some suggestions and answers. 
In the meantime there is loads of useful information about the 4 stages of weaning and their tasty organic baby food products on the Plum baby website, including their new Plum Baby Cookery School videos.

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