The Finish Line

Sometimes you have to write a blog post before you can move on to another and that’s how it is with this post. I want to finish off the story, to have a record of my half-marathon and how I felt, but at the same time it all feels quite a jumble in my head. However, I can’t seem to write anything else until I have done this and never mind all this running shenanigans, there is a crochet blanket to be blogged about. Far more sedate and in keeping with the autumn weather.

It’s quite an amazing feeling when you decide to do something so completely out of your comfort zone and actually manage to put in the time and effort to get ready for it. It’s not often that we admit we are proud of ourselves either, it sounds arrogant somehow and wrong, but I am proud. Amazed, still and proud that I did it and enjoyed, for the most part.

On the day itself I was a mix of excitement, nerves, relief it was finally here and emotion at what it all meant. The event itself was pretty overwhelming too, with 12500 runners and the amazing route, through some of London’s most famous landmarks. The race itself was harder than I imagined. I expected it to be hard in places, every run is, but miles that I’d happily run locally in the past felt they they went on forever. Luckily, just as things were really tough we would see one of our families or friends that had come to cheer us on and it made such a difference. 

As did the support from Twitter. Thank you so much for all your messages of encouragement, willing us to keep going when our legs were just not listening to our brains and were crying out to walk, or actually just stop. A terrible internet connection and an ever diminishing battery prevented me from replying to everyone on the day, so really thank you, thank you. It meant so much.

Of course not all of it was hard, some of it was simply perfect. Mile 3 was a particular highlight, getting into my stride just as we crossed Waterloo Bridge and then passed The London Eye was just amazing. Everything up to mile 6 was really nothing but enjoyable. Miles 8,9 and 10 were tough, really tough. They were all in Hyde Park, which whilst pretty could get a little dull and there were sections of it that didn’t have any spectators. It’s amazing how much we needed them. We walked a bit, we worked out later that we maybe walked for half a mile in total, which out of 13.1, I am pretty happy with. Once we got to the last couple of miles, my legs seemed to take on a new energy. I suddenly realised that I was going to do it. Run a half marathon. Most of the miles were behind me, now it was just a little jog in the park.

Heather and I crossed the line together, we had been with each other all the way and with Bec until 7 miles in and I am so pleased that we did manage to run at the same pace. Heather got me into this and we have been there to push each other on during the months of training. It seemed right to finish together.

I want to thank some people. Like I said everyone who sent me a tweet or a facebook message, text or blog comment helped so much. Huge thanks as well to everyone who was kind enough to sponsor me. With gift aid I managed to raise over £830. Isn’t that just amazing! You gorgeous people.

Finally, I have to thank Mckdaddy for all his practical and moral support. When I first asked if he thought it was something I could do, he was nothing but positive and that has continued ever since. He has never complained about the hours of training I have had to do and if I haven’t felt like going he has kindly encouraged me, whilst gently pushing me out of the door. From before I even went on my first run, to bringing the children to London to watch, he really has been so supportive and frankly brilliant. He’s not getting my medal though. That’s mine


5 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. Oh wow, you should be so proud of yourself. A half marathon is an AMAZING accomplishment.I'm doing my first 10k race in a few weeks and your post has given me huge encouragement!

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