The Big Bedroom Blanket

Now that we’ve got all that sweaty running business done and out of the way, it’s time to brighten up your autumnal evening with a big and I mean BIG yarny reveal. The Blanket is finally finished, pressed and laying on the bed.

I can’t quite believe it is finished. From looking back at previous blog posts I can see that I started it at the beginning of June and at 148 squares, I think that is pretty good going. I am, all at once, pleased at how well it has turned out and a little bereft that it is finished. I shall miss hooking those cute little squares and watching them pile up. I even enjoyed joining them together, after all the months of not being sure what order I would join them, it was so lovely to watch it becoming an actual blanket and it was surprisingly quick to join together. Long rows on double crochet was actually very soothing.

I lined each row up as I went along, until I got to the last four, when I realised that in order to keep in random I needed to plan them all at once. I actually wished I had laid out the whole lot at the beginning, but it’s tricky to get that amount of space and time to do it. It meant a bit too much green at the end, but I don’t think it shows now it’s all done.

I became quite obsessed with the border towards the end, as could not decide what to do with it and didn’t want to ruin the hard work so far. My original plan was the three stripes, as you see here, followed by a scalloped edge in either green or white, but my creative adviser (Mckdaddy) persuaded me to leave it as it was. I am really pleased I did and think he was right, it gives it a much cleaner, less fussy finish, which I think suits to colours perfectly.

Amazingly I never tired of working this project. I loved how portable it was, until I started joining, when it became a lovely leg warmer, I love the colours and I loved the yarn. I am usually a bit of a yarn snob, but with a project of this size, I just could not afford to spend £5 or more on a 50g ball of wool. I found this yarn in my local yarn shop and it is a mix of wool and synthetic fibres, costing less than £5 for 100g. It’s Jarol Heritage DK and I will definitely be using it again. I used about 10 balls of yarn, I think. I bought little and often to spread the cost and I have plenty left.

I took these photos this morning and as I did so I wondered how long it would be before the blanket was commandeered by the cats. For those of you wondering, it was about 90 minutes.

*update* I put the finished touches to this post just before the final of this year’s Great British Bake Off. It felt very odd not to be hooking my blanket while watching it and when it was over, I realised that I am now without my blanket and my blissful hour of cakes and Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue. I am distraught!


7 thoughts on “The Big Bedroom Blanket

  1. Not quite sure how I missed this post but I am in love with your blanket. I think to spend so much time creating something makes it really special, and it has definitely encouraged me to start a big project in the new year. Who knows, maybe we actually will manage the hooking hangout class before then?!

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