Teal and Mustard

Where have I been? Obviously, not here and not really on Twitter much either, which is rather shocking, even to myself. Usually, when I am not here, I am doing exciting things with yarn and either hooks or needles and now is no exception, except that this time I have actually been selling it.

It has all been a rather lovely, but slightly overwhelming accident. A friend asked if I could make her a flower brooch and was happy to pay me, she has been nagging me to start selling my wares for ages and so I was more than happy for her to be my guinea pig. Then, I agreed to do some more for her to try and sell at her school shopping evening. All very calm, with lots of time to make a few flowers and turn them into brooches.

Then, the same friend asked if I could crochet her a poppy in time for Remembrance Sunday. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked anywhere and so for the first time ever, I made my own, after quite a few rejected poppies. I put a few pictures on Instagram and Facebook and charged a reduced price, so that people would make a generous donation to The Poppy Appeal. Suddenly, I had lots of people asking me to make them, for themselves and their Mums or friends. I sold over 20 poppies in a week. I appear to have created a little business.

A week before the shopping evening and while I was still making brooches, I decided that holly and mistletoe tree decorations would be a great seller and so set about adapting existing patterns, to suit what I envisaged. So, this week I have been madly trying to get enough of them done to send.

Now, I have met that deadline, I am ready to start taking orders for my Christmas decorations. I am hoping they are as popular as the poppies and although I would like time to make some for myself, I am happy to sacrifice that this year for anyone that would like some. I have to admit I am more than a little delighted with them

It all feels like it’s happening about a month later than is ideal. I have had to really get on with each project and have so many other ideas for Christmas designs that will just have to wait until next year. For this year, the holly and mistletoe will have to suffice, although I may have to work on a mistletoe bunch that is in my head, even if it means no sleep.

I have set up an Etsy shop, Teal and Mustard and of course added the ubiquitous facebook page, so you can now look at my creations just in time for Christmas. Contact me via facebook or the email for the blog, if you have any queries, or want to talk different colours.


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