It’s nearly here…..

I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted. I also can’t believe how much I miss my blog, posts whirl around in my head, but never quite seem to make it to the page. I seem to have a new reality that I am adjusting to. Suddenly I have a toddler who doesn’t nap anymore and a baby, well small toddler really who sleeps less than he did. In some ways I love the freedom this gives, but it is hard work filling those hours and not having that much needed brain space that some child free time gives.

Suddenly, I find that it is December and the beginning of Advent. Our calendar with Christmas activities in each pocket is hanging on the door and so the next few weeks holds lots of making and doing for me and the little people. I really hope I can carve out some time to spend here and catching up with some blogs I love. I miss my little travels around the internet.

Any time that I have had between children has been spent crocheting for the Etsy shop. I have orders to work on every day since I put the holly and mistletoe decorations up for sale, so it’s been very busy, but I am absolutely loving having something to do that is outside my Stay at Home mum duties and it is such a buzz getting lovely feedback about my creations.

There is still time to order before Christmas and I can usually get orders sent within a few days. I have added red mistletoe to the two shades of green, as suggested by my very stylish friend Heather and I must admit that after hooking up a sample, I totally fell in love with the red and if I get time I will be having some of these for myself.

You can find my shop, Teal and Mustard on Etsy and Facebook. I really hope to be back here very soon, I may just have to stop sleeping to make that happen.


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