Sunday Morning Tonic

We are most definitely adventing and Christmassing. ( are they words? Well, they should be so they’re staying) Our activity advent calendar is up, as is our traditional, beautiful, non-chocolate one, which I insist on and will do until my children are no longer interested in advent. Mckdaddy and I have lists and I have even bought a sexy new notebook, which will now become my Christmas book.

However, despite wanting to cross things off the list at weekends, real life goes on and sometimes you need to get away from the shopping and car park queues. Children still need entertaining and the allotment still needs tending, even in these cold weeks.

So many days are dank and grey, but sometimes we are blessed with a bright, blue, cold. crisp day that are just begging us to go outside. When you are three, there is really no better way to spend the morning than at the allotment with your Dad. There is always cake and hot chocolate for when you both take a break and there is plenty of mud, together with the understanding that you can get as messy as you like.

I am entering this in Thinly Spread’s Festive Family Photo Competiton


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