A chocolate free advent – Week 1

As I mentioned in my last post I’m not a fan of chocolate advent calendars and at the moment my children are too young to really notice that they exist, so we are a cheap chocolate free zone this advent. My dislike is probably some misguided lust for nostalgia in that I am old enough to have never had the choice of having a chocolate calendar, because they didn’t exist.

So, last year, at the very last minute, actually I completed it during advent, but at two years old, Mini Mck was too young to notice, I made a cloth advent calendar with pockets and each day was filled with an activity or Christmas treat. We have done the same this year and now he is old enough to know which pocket to open and to work out from the picture what he will be doing.

The trick is to plan ahead and make sure you don’t give yourself too much to do. The first week involved three lots of craft and that is most definitely my limit. Make sure to include Christmas things you need to do anyway, such as getting the tree or going to see Father Christmas.

This is what we were up to between the 1st and the 7th December:

01/12 Made Christmas Cards
02/12 Watched a Christmas Film
03/12 Made a glittery smoothie
04/12 Wrote to Father Christmas
05/12 Made Christmas Decorations
06/12 Made wrapping paper
07/12 Choose a present for Nano and have lunch out

Join us next week for more advent adventures

I am linking this to Thinly Spread’s Festive Friday. The place to be for much Christmas excitement. 


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