Review: An overnight stay

Not only are we going to an open evening for Mini Mck’s possible new school tonight, but this week has seen another big milestone befall the Limited household. At three and a half Mini Mck stayed away from the house and away from Mckdaddy and I for the first time.

Having my children stay away overnight has never been something I’ve hankered after. I have had weekends away and Mckdaddy has looked after them alone and vice versa and we have all been away as a family, but there has never been a reason for them to stay away from home for the night.

A few weeks ago while we were at my Dad’s for lunch Mini Mck started staying that he didn’t want to come home and that he’d like to stay the night at Nanny and Grandad’s and so I decided that if he was asking for it, then I wanted him to do it. He is starting to want independence, starting to want to do things without his parents around.

His little mini-break also gave us a chance to test out the Skoot Ride-on suitcase that we had been sent to review, that unfortunately didn’t arrive in time for our half-term break.

I already loved the look of the Skoot, as it looks like a cool, zippy, retro mo-ped and Mini Mck had enjoyed scooting around the house and parking his ‘motorbike’, but I was interested to know if we would fit all his things in it and whether it would pass the ‘Grandparent Test’. For those of you that don’t know, the ‘Grandparent Test’ is whether they can easily use a child related product. Both my parents and my Stepmother seem unable to easily use car seats, highchairs, pushchairs or re-usable nappies and so I wasn’t convinced that they’d be able to open or close the Skoot, seeing as it took me a little while to master it, when we first got it.

We managed to fit all Mini Mcks belongings for his overnight stay in and it returned today neatly packed and correctly closed. It is really easy to pull along and I can imagine that kids using it on shiny airport floors would have a blast. Mini Mck loves anything where he can be involved, so having his own case that he can help to pack is perfect for him. It gets a big thumbs up from us.

How did I fare after his first night away? Well. much like the new suitcase, I managed to hold it all together. It was strange to see his bedroom door open and no-one in there last night, but it was worth it for the glorious (OK, only 6:45am, but still…) lie in that we all had this morning.

As far as Mini Mck was concerned the main problem is going to be convincing him that this isn’t going to happen every Wednesday night and apparently neither Mckdaddy or myself got a mention the whole time he was there.

I could be offended by this, but instead I find that it makes me very, very happy.

This is a post about an overnight stay, which includes a review, for which we were sent a Skoot ride-on suitcase free of charge. 


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