Must-see Movies at Christmas….for grown ups

I should be writing my list of things that I need to do today, seeing as it’s the first day of Mckdaddy’s school holiday and we have family for lunch tomorrow, but frankly you’ve probably got a million things to do as well and you’re procrastinating on the internet and so why not join you?

There are tons of lists of Christmas films that you have to watch at this festive time of year that help get you in the mood. This year I have introduced Mini Mck to Muppets Christmas Carol, which is a bit scary for him, so I just have to sit down with him, cup of tea and mince pie in hand, such a chore.

However, I have certain films that are not really about Christmas as such, but all make a nod to the festive season. It feels wrong to watch snow scenes in August and so out they come in December. I thought I’d share them with you. Nearly all of my choices have a romantic smultzy feel and I make no apology for that, it’s Christmas.

A classic Christmas film that will make you laugh and definitely cry. May I suggest this one before Christmas, with a nice glass of port and a whole pile of presents that need wrapping. The multiple, almost unrelated stories lend themselves well to getting on with an otherwise tedious task. If you can ignore the dreadfully annoying and wooden Keira Knightly, still not a big star, but still awful, then it is a perfect start to Christmas. And I might add, with plenty of eye candy.

From a time when Eddie Murphy swore a lot and was funny, the brilliant Trading Places is another classic. This one is definitely not smultzy, but is funny and something a bit different at Christmas. It was one of the first film I watched more than once and it is still funny after all these years. One for those of us that are looking forty in the eyes. 
This one is more recent and definitely has moments of too many slightly annoying people, but I want to live in this house, with it’s gorgeous tableware and crazy family feel. I’ll be honest, the main reason that this one is here is because of Diane Keaton. I have loved her every since seeing Annie Hall and could just watch her in just about anything. The addition of Luke Wilson and Dermot Mulroney, who are both easy on the eye and Rachel McAdams, who is always really watchable have meant this one has become a firm favourite for me.
I suppose you could watch this one at any time of the year, as it does span a whole year, but you’d be wrong. The climax of the film is in the snow, so for me it’s a Christmas film and with possibly one of my favourite last lines from a leading man ever. “Hang on, nice boys don’t kiss like that” “Oh yes, they fucking do…..” Love it. 
I have saved the best until last with this one. Again, I suppose you could watch it at anytime, but I recommend between Christmas and New Year. It has a great New Year ending. Meg Ryan before she had weird lips and Billy Crystal before he was cemented in my mind as Mike Wazowski, throw in the amazing talents of Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron and you have film perfection. I’m not joking. This has got to be one of the best romantic films ever. Watch it. 
So, there you go, once the children are in bed and you can stop watching their Christmas films, watch these and feel really festive, without it being shoved in your face. 
Are they any I’m missing? What are your favourite grown-up festive films?

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