A Satsuma in the Toe

I’ve been taking part in Snaffles Mummy’s homemade Blog Hop and as I completely forgot to post something one my allocated day, she kindly let me in on Christmas Eve.

Hopefully all your Christmas preparations are done and the only homemade things you’ll be doing today are the odd batch of mince pies or sausage rolls, so I thought I would share a post I wrote a couple of years about a simple addition you can make to everyone’s stocking. I love this post and when I read it back it seemed like an age ago. This year I will be doing two stockings and as is usual for this time of year, I am left wondering, once again, where does the time go?

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and are spending it with those you love the most. Merry Christmas from everyone in the Limited household to everyone in yours xxx

A satsuma in the toe

It is dark and I am sleeping in a camp bed in my brother’s room. I stir and without opening my eyes, I stretch my feet to the end of the bed so they touch the weight of an old sock, no longer empty, as it was when I went to bed. My stomach flips and I sit up, leaning forward in the dark to feel the lumps and bumps of the stocking. Quickly, I check the time. It’s 6am and finally I am allowed to wake up. 

“Toby” I whisper “He’s been”

The light at the other end of the room snaps on and at last I can start to empty the mis-shapen football sock. It has been cleverly filled by the adults, but to me has nothing to do with them. To me, it has been filled by Father Christmas and left for us to open on our own, while the rest of the house is still sleeping. 

Every year it is the same and yet different. Some items are wrapped, some are not. A comic or a book is near the top, followed by a game or a puzzle. Further down there is a bag of chocolate coins and some peanuts, still in their shells and right at the bottom, as always, there is a pound coin and a satsuma in the toe. 

After they are empty we snuggle back into our beds to read our comics and eat the fruit, until I can stand it no longer and drag my brother downstairs to take our first peek at what has appeared under the tree. 
 know he still continues this tradition with his family, as my youngest niece told me when she was five that she wouldn’t be leaving a small orange for Santa’s snack, because he didn’t like them. When I asked how she knew this I was firmly told “because he gives them away to everyone else, obviously”

This year Mini Mck will have his stocking filled with a few loosely wrapped, easy to play with toys that he can open on his own and at the bottom, with a small piece of peel taken away, to start him off, he will find a satsuma in the toe.

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