2012 – The year of the small and quiet

New year, new blog. After months of becoming increasingly frustrated with blogger not doing what I wanted it to do, I have finally been persuaded to move the big girl’s blogging platform. Really, the only thing that was holding me back was losing readers, so I am hoping that you’ve come with me, it’s so much prettier and nicer to read, don’t you think? As much as some bloggers say they don’t care whether they are read or not, I think we all want to be read. Otherwise, wouldn’t we just write a private journal or even have a private blog. So, please stick around and let me know you’re here. Comments make me smile a lot, apart from the spam, another big reason I waved goodbye to Blogger. 

As I think back on 2012, it seems to me that it was a year of nothing very momentous. Nothing much has changed between last January and now, or at least not on the surface. I didn’t have a baby in 2012 or spend any of it pregnant, the first year that neither of those things have happened since 2006. A rather bonkers personal statistic, I thought, when I worked that one out. No-one here got new careers, we didn’t move or do any major work on our house. To the outside eye, nothing really happened.

If I look deeper though, things did happen. Small things, quiet things, that no-one else might notice, but to me they were big. 

I got fit, for the first time ever, really. A massive achievement for me and seeing Mini Mck so excited and proud as I finished my half marathon is something that I hope will keep me running for many years. 



I learnt to switch off the cynical and be swept along with something. Before the Olympics I was at best disinterested and at worst rather sniffy about how much it was costing and how London-centric it was. Simply by watching the amazing Opening Ceremony I was hooked and spent much of the next few weeks in tears at the successes of Team GB. All experienced via radio as we were camping for most of it, luckily in Weymouth for some of the time, to really soak up the atmosphere.

I quietly stepped out of my comfort zone and started a new venture. It’s so small I don’t quite feel right calling it a business, but I made stuff and people bought it, so I guess it is a business. It’s never going to make me rich, but it was fantastic and scary to do something myself, to put my creations out there for the world to see and have people actually pay for them.

Finally, 2012, was the year that I let my boy out into the world on his own. Much dreaded and at the same time, much longed for MM started nursery, three mornings a week. As I suspected he loves it and I don’t hate it. In fact, it gives me some much needed time apart from him and the opportunity to spend a few solo hours with Nano Mck.

None of us knows what the future holds and that’s certainly true for me and 2013. There may be more opportunity for me to work and earn money, there may not. There may be a baby, there may not. There may be a pregnancy, there may not. There may be final work on the house, there may not. 

But there is one thing that there will definitely be; School. *stops typing, breathes deeply and puts hands to face*. I am used to putting school term dates on the calendar, I’ve done it for ten years now, but I am not used to it making my heart contract and my eyes prick. It’s going to be a tough one. 

It occurred to my a couple of days ago that I have eight months left, eight months of just me and my crew. Of getting up late, making our own schedule, doing our own thing. Sometimes having two young children at home is hard work and hard on the brain. Sometimes all I want is for someone else to look after them for a day, but I only have eight months left. I need to start making the most of it.


12 thoughts on “2012 – The year of the small and quiet

  1. School. I know it’s not something that will happen to us this year but I will be there to share the experience with you. In fact I felt my eyes prick too at your words. And I know you’ll make the most of these eight months. Big hug x

  2. Lovely new place, I could get quite comfy in here! School is a toughie, you know how hard I found it, but it will be fine and it’s just the next phase. I’ve loved each phase with its ups and its downs and I’m trying really hard to learn to look forward with relish rather than dwelling for too long on the bits which have been. My teens bring me just as much joy and frustration as my toddlers did…and in 5 weeks time I will have three of them! :-0

  3. I happily suggested going to see family in September this year. It took three hours for me to realise that just wouldn’t be possible any more. Not coming to Cornwall in September will be so strange and hard but nowhere near as strange and hard as watching that little boy go off into the big bad world by himself. We will be there for each other I am sure. And let’s encourage each other to make the most of the time we have left. I cannot even imagine how I will manage to get Piran to school on time every day with Kate in tow. Life is going to be so different this year isn’t it?

    1. It’s really weird isn’t it. I keep looking at things for next christmas and then remember we’ll have all the school stuff to do too! We will hold each others hands

  4. Ooh, this is nice. I’ve got coffee and it’s all cosy and lovely. Small things are sometimes the best things. And school is huge and life changing and wonderful and terrifying and lovely all at the same time (and that’s just for us parents). I shall look forward to reading all about your 2013. xxx

  5. You know what, the photo of you hugging in this post makes me cry every time I see it. It’s truly one of the most special photos there could be x

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it. Heather took it, considering she’d just run 13 miles too, I think that’s pretty amazing. I must get it printed and framed to put somewhere I can see it every day

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