Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The ‘It’s back’ edition

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I’ve missed my listening pleasure posts. It’s not through lack of hearing great stuff, but often things are only available for a week and it’s a case of getting the time to write them that prevents them, but this last week there is so much great stuff out there I knew I had to get one written for you.

It’s difficult to recommend comedy to others. Laughing is such a personal thing and one person’s Miranda is another person’s Inbetweeners. Much like those blogs that tell you they are funny and then are most definitely not. However, at the moment three of my most favourite shows are back and I hope they provide something for everyone.

The first I think I may have recommended before, but I love satire. It can make me laugh out loud, make me angry and make me think all at the same time. The News Quiz is a perfect example and I never miss it. Give it a try, even if it’s not usually your thing.

When Sherlock started on the TV and I fell in love with it, Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t this new guy with the funny name, to me he was the bloke off the radio and I’m really pleased that he still has time for the little radio sitcom that I love. Cabin Pressure is a gentle comedy with a great ensemble cast. Written my John Finnemore, who speaking of satire did this piece a while back, which I found almost stirred me to tears.

Finally, on the comedy front. Remember, Archie the Inventor from Balamory? Well, he’s now very funny and writes and stars in my new favourite, can’t be missed weekly treat. In and out of the Kitchen is a diary of a food writer. If you shop in Waitrose, won’t drink instant coffee and can laugh at yourself, then this one is for you. I dare you not to laugh, such a great character and so nicely done, with the added bonus of some really delicious sounding recipes.

If comedy isn’t your bag, I do have some other bits that have caught my attention this week. What I love about Radio 4 is the diversity. Within one morning you can laugh, cry, learn and be baffled and I think our brains all need a bit of that. Today, you could have been treated to the first episode of the classic drama Tales of the City, listened to the marvellous Joan Bakewell discussing political writing and George Orwell, in Start the Week, which I listened to twice and a new 15 minute documentary about colour, which is on every day this week and I will definitely be following.

Go on, immerse yourself in something you wouldn’t normally try and let me know what you thought.


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