The Cheeriness of Rainbows

Despite my efforts to plan and improve the days for me and my boy tribe, winter seems to be going on too long. Is it only me who feels that January was actually eight weeks long. It is so dark in January that some days there seems to be no light at all. On top of the dark came the snow and in our corner of the world the bitter cold, leaving us with only dank, grey days. Incidentally, I love the word dank. It so perfectly describes a certain type of day, a particular murky light and the sound of it spoken aloud is so apt.

So, on the last day of January, when Mini Mck grasped my suggestion that we make a big picture and insisted it be a rainbow, it seemed the perfect tonic and so it was. He happily painted in the lines I had drawn and didn’t much mind Nano’s creative additions. We proudly tacked our finished rainbow to the wall and it succeeded in raising a smile every time I glanced at it.

The first week of February bought with it less grey and more blue. Suddenly there was colour, not the pretty yellows and lilacs of Spring, but the faint promise of them. Winter coats weren’t needed and the fire stayed unlit for nearly a week.

Now, we are back to wrapping up warm, longing for light and fighting off colds again. today was a ‘two cardigan’ day, for sure.

But, BUT, I can see bulbs poking their green stalk through the soil in the garden, I only hope they don’t scuttle back undergroud and most exciting of all, today at 4:20pm it was light. Not dark, not even dusk, but proper daylight. I am just hoping that winter is finally moving on out.

Photo 31-01-2013 10 08 52


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