Project 365 – 5th Feb – 16th Feb

When I come to write these posts and I collect together the most recent Project 365 photos, it always strikes me how everyday these images are. I actually love this about them, the way they capture such small things that make up our days, but at the same time give me a brilliant sense of time. Of course, for me they say much more than just a random moment, they all have a story behind them.

For instance at 20 months Nano is only just showing an interest in TV and whilst we were at home, on our own, he bought me a blanket and pointed for me to follow him into the lounge so he could watch his big brother’s current favourite programme. A first.

Mini’s new fondness for cutting and sticking means that there he something he can do while I crochet. We spend many an hour sitting opposite each other, with Nano sleeping upstairs and the radio on in the background. Keeping each other company, whilst doing our own thing, or as Mini Mck says “both doing busy jobs”

In amongst the everyday is the odd moment that is unusual and special. Friends chatting over tea, no-one would know that we only see each other a few times a year, it looks so everyday, but is actually very special. Or perhaps, pancakes for tea, something that perhaps should happen more than once a year. If only I always had enough eggs in.

365 5th-16th feb

Oh, and the Liberty exercise books in the middle, I totally needed them. They are for Teal and Mustard business, which by the way, has some lovely new items which are perfect for Mother’s Day. It’s only three weeks away, you know.


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