New Hookiness

Mother’s Day is only two weeks away, which is a bit scary, I think. It seems rather early this year, but then everything does. Mckdaddy goes back to school next week and then it’s only five weeks until Easter, then we race towards Mini Mck’s birthday and school confirmation and Nano’s birthday not long after. I guess that is how Spring should be really, everything coming out of hibernation and speeding up, but I always find it makes my head spin a little.

First on the list though is Mother’s Day and I have been working hard at creating some pretty treats for your Mums and maybe, if you send the link to your partners, they can be for you as well. In fact, I also think these would make great Easter Gifts for little girls that would perhaps prefer something other than chocolate. A friend of mine suggested certain rules for Mother’s Day gifts, which I whole heartily agree with. One gift per child and nothing from a supermarket. Gifts made by the children are acceptable, but only if accompanied by a ‘proper’ gift. May I suggest these as a great place to start.

Order early, it’s only me and my little hands creating these pieces, so make sure you don’t miss out. and incidentally who says kids are the only one who get badges on cards? How about a Mother’s Day card with a beautiful brooch for her to keep forever.


IMG_5364 - Copy

IMG_5344 - Copy

IMG_5373 - Copy


Happy shopping!


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