A bit of a moan and a lovely ta-daa

For one month either myself or my children have had a cold. Mine started three weeks ago and is still going strong. In fact it feels like one, or mostly all three of us, have had a cold since September. That’s not true, of course, but I am sure I could count the weeks on my fingers that we have been germ free. I am tired of it. Tired of coughing and wiping other people’s noses. Tired of sneezing and administering Calpol. Tired of blowing my nose and hearing my children coughing in the night, praying they won’t wake up. Added to this the snow has returned and the bitter wind. After a week of warmer weather and some sunny days, I am back to coats and scarves and hats and mittens. To be honest I am tired of that too.

It occurred to me today that as much as these things are dragging me down, I can’t change either of them. I can make sure we are all getting enough sleep and take some vitamins, make sure we are drinking plenty and eating well, but that isn’t necessarily going to change anything and I certainly can’t change the weather. I am yet to decide if this makes it all feel worse or better. In some ways it feels more frustrating, but in others it makes me shrug my shoulders and think that we should just look at some pretty stuff instead and I have just the thing.

May I present The Patchwork Hexagon Blanket…..



I have had the pale green wool for years and I mean years. From a time where I had the money to buy gorgeous yarn on a whim. I bought it to make a lace knitted shawl, which I then found I hated making and didn’t like the colour for that. Years later I realised it was the perfect colour for my lounge and so started a cable knit cushion cover. I didn’t get far with that either and so it too was ripped out and once again the wool went back into the stash. Until, the hex patchwork popped into my head.


As I had quite a lot of the pale green I tried to use more of that than anything else and as I wanted to keep costs down I decided a lap size would be fine. It measures roughly 110cm square and is made up of 90 hexagons, for those of you who like those little details. It’s never going to be thrown on a bed and is for snuggling in front of a film, so it’s the perfect size.


I used the Hexagon pattern from Lucy at Attic 24, but whilst she has a variety of colours in each hex, I decided to go for a patchwork look and I have to say what a huge delight it was to work each one in the same colour. So much quicker not to be doing lots of colour changes and far less ends to sew in. I joined each hex as I went, which was also new to me and quite a revelation. It was quite wonderful to see it grow as I hooked and know that I didn’t have to join it all at the end. I finished off with a round of half trebles and then a shell stitch edging in pale green and by the end I was left with maybe half a ball of my previously stashed, totally gorgeous, but discontinued pale green. *phew*

It was a joy to make and is a joy to snuggle under and frankly a much nicer blogging subject that colds and winter weather.


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