We are a noisy house, most houses with children are, but Mckdaddy, Mini Mck and I all love to talk. Hollering up the stairs is quite a common thing and we often have to remind each other that it is someone else’s turn to talk.

Then two years ago a new person arrived, with an altogether different vibe, quiet, stoic, patient. Looking back at old blog posts it seems that Nano was born as just a smaller version of what he is now. Hungry, happy, easy. So different from his brother and so different from me that he takes my breath away.

Photo 03-06-2013 13 36 52

Even as his toddler personality starts to shine and he begins to stamp his wishes and desires on the world, it is in a calm way. Tantrums mostly involve laying down silently on the pavement or in the shop, like someone from a Peace March in the 1970’s, unless of course the tantrum involves food, in which case it can get a little vocal. However, they are short lived and always finish with a sniveling toddler holding his arms wide for a cuddle.

And so, in the last two years Nano has quietly wound his way into the affections of everyone he meets. They comment on his stoical nature and agree that he seems to pass this calmness to those around him. Without fuss, he has got himself quite a fan base, particularly an older brother who adores him.

He slotted into our family so quickly and easily that I can’t fully remember much about us being just three. He complements us and makes us better. Despite only being two I always feel I could learn much from him.

The problem with being the quiet easy one in a family of noise is that you don’t always get noticed as much as you should. You don’t shout about your needs and so are left to pootle around enjoying your own world.

A day where he is the centre of attention is rare and a birthday is the perfect time for those of us who are noisier and more selfish to put him first and to watch him lap it up. ‘Two’ is really the year where they learn what a birthday is. In the morning they are happy to play with their old toys, not really knowing what presents are all about. By the end of the day he had got the hang of birthdays, of presents and cakes and candles and demanding Happy Birthday be sung twice.

Photo 01-06-2013 13 10 27

I still marvel at what happens to a person in two years. From a tiny helpless baby, who can’t even straighten their legs fully, to a walking, talking person, with likes and dislikes, who finds things funny and interesting and who wants to climb and jump and run. Such an amazing journey. No longer a baby, but always my baby.


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