Ta-daa – The Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket

I have come to the conclusion that I am a very fickle crocheter. When I first start a project I go through the motions for a few days, but then it’s beauty begins to reveal itself to me and it’s such a rush that I fall in love with the project. As I come towards the end I always think that it is the loveliest thing I’ve ever worked and how I will be equally thrilled and bereft when it is finished. Then as I near the end, my mind starts to wander onto the next thing and once it’s done, I swiftly move onto my new love. It’s rather like finishing a really good book. I think it is probably why I don’t tend to work on more than one thing at a time, although I have taken to having a one colour scarf on the go at the same time, just because it is more portable, but really I only worked that on trains and then became completely besotted with it once it was my main project.

So it was with the Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket. I finished it a while back, but couldn’t blog it as it was a gift for a very special new person. As I was making it I thought it was the nicest thing I had ever made and would be so disappointed to finish it, but I soon moved on and now I look back at the photos I am reminded of how much I loved it.


It’s tricky making gifts for people, you can’t consult them and in this case I didn’t know what sex the baby was. I figured they would get enough pastel stuff to last them a lifetime and decided to be brave. I am still not entirely convinced it was the right choice. Don’t misunderstand me, I love it and if I need any baby blankets in future, there’s a good chance it will look like this. Expect probably not, because as I’ve explained, I am fickle and will have moved on by then.




The bright colours were an easy choice, but then a very good and very stylish friend suggested the addition of black and mentioned the words Missoni inspired and I was sold on the idea. I knew my cousin has chosen a black travel system so thought this would go nicely and I love the way it turned out. I also thought it was time I tried ripples and oh my word, they are a joy to work. I used the tutorial on Attic 24, but worked out how to straighten the edges myself, with a little trial and error. Ripples are definitely something that I won’t be getting over any time soon. They will be back.

So, what do you think of my anti-pastel, non baby coloured, gender neutral creation? Likey?

I have two more Ta-daas waiting to be photographed. I may not have got around to cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, but I have been busy with a hook. What’s new?!


12 thoughts on “Ta-daa – The Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket

  1. I love this. It’s fantastic. I had my mum knit one very similar for my baby because I love Missoni prints but not the prices. I’m sure your friends going to love it. If they don’t, send it my way 😉

  2. Looks beautiful, I’d love to be able to do something like that! Might give crocheting a go (obviously start out with something basic!) that would cost a fortune in the shops

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