Project 365 – June 1-22

Way back in January, when I started Project 365, I had lofty plans that I would post the pictures here once a week. That didn’t happen, straight away the pressure of having to post each week and not always having enough photos in any one week, put me off and they have fallen away. I’m still taking them and have found I just put them on Facebook.

However, I’ve been reading back a lot of old posts recently and have really enjoyed seeing the selection of my daily photo challenge. It’s such a special record that I can find easily, if they are here. So, I am bringing them back, with no promises to myself that I have to post every week, just when I feel like it.

So, I bring you June, or at least June until now. We had a birthday in the family and Father’s Day, done right. Two crochet projects finished, of which there will be proper ‘Ta-daa’ posts at a later date. The sun shone, for a day or two at least and we went to the park. A raggle taggle bunch, consisting of a boy on a bike, a hassled mum pulling a toddler along on a trike and our black and white cat, bouncing along behind us, hiding in the bushes until it was time for us to return. Oh, and Mini Mck got his first recipe book, which he insists on keeping in his room. A proud moment for me.

PicMonkey Collage


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