The Sun Arrives: Project 365 June 23-30


The sun finally came out last week and as I look back at my photo a day challenge photos from last week, it gladdens my heart to note that most of them are taken outside.

This time of year is all about the allotment. When I go there to harvest I don’t see vegetables, I see goat’s cheese and beetroot salad, new potatoes smothered in butter and cooked with mint, broad bean and blue cheese risotto and the promise of griddled courgettes dropped in olive oil and lemon juice, in the near future.

Mini Mck and I went on our annual jaunt to The Royal Norfolk Show. The weather stayed dry and my companion didn’t complain once about aching legs, despite the miles that we must have walked. We saw animals and bees, Mini Mck made a beeswax candle, we ate chips and ice cream and we sat in the most enormous combine harvester. I could have chosen so many photos from this day, a rare one with just me and my boy together, but I kind of fell in love with our lunch time selfie.

Finally, my nail varnish stash needed summering up and they were on offer, so it would have been madness not to indulge. I am wearing the blue and am amazed how it goes with everything. I love it.

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