Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure: The Guest Edition

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I have been terribly remiss at radio recommendations recently, mainly because I haven’t been listening that much. For some reason I crave music at the moment, played loudly with the door open. Perhaps it’s a summer thing, or perhaps it’s a lack of energy thing. Music seems to make me more productive. 

One of the best thing about making recommendations is getting them back and I am delighted to pass my blog over to my fabulous friend, Victoria, today. The student has become the teacher, as these days it is often her telling me what to listen to, not the other way around. If you don’t already, you should also read her blog. Every post is gold.


I feel both honoured and a sense of rightness to be writing a listening pleasure post for Emily.  Without her gentle nudging in the right direction, I wouldn’t be the Radio 4 fan that I am, I’d still be one of those people who says I like it in theory but why a rubbish drama always playing when I switch on?  With Emily’s guidance and the judicious use of the iPlayer app, I’m now a fully fledged addict and feel fully qualified to recommend programmes.
First up is The Man Who Saves Life Stories.  This is the kind of programme which makes my heart sing, a perfect little piece of social history. The man in question is a curator at the British Museum who collects diaries as a hobby.  He’s become famous for collecting diaries so people have started to send them to him.  He’s got so many he can no longer fit them in his house so he’s looking to set up a national archive.  The programme follows him as he searches for a home for his collection, but we also get lots of lovely diary snippets and a discussion about the importance of social history.
Another fascinating peek into the lives of others is The Blonde Women of India.  It’s about British women who’ve made their homes in the Indian sub-continent, not as ex-pats, but as fully integrated members of Indian families.  It examines what it’s like to completely take on another culture, which satisfies my travel itch, plus you get to nosy into other people’s marriages.  It’s only half an hour long, but I’d have happily listened for much longer.
I tried to listen to my last choice but my internet connection kept dropping off, so I was mostly frustrated. But I’m still going to recommend it because it’s got a lot of potential.  I love the Food Programme, and have spent many a happy half hour listening to programmes about butter or sourdough bread.  This episode is called Bereavement and Food and it promises to explore the healing power of food and how it can help to remember and recapture memories of those who have died. 
I hope you enjoy my recommendations. The baton has been well and truly passed. Will you be next?

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