Perfect Iced Tea

These summer days are just divine. This week I’ve been wallowing in the official heatwave and making sure there is plenty of cool places and refreshing drinks to keep me happy. So, that means windows open and curtains or blinds closed to keep the house cool and iced coffee and tea.

I’m always a little disappointed with iced tea and am forever lookin for the perfect recipe, but by combining a few ideas and using what I have in the kitchen I may have cracked it.

I founds a very complicated recipe using Earl Grey, but I only had Lady Grey, which has added citrus. I figured this would work though and it really did.

Here how I did it:

4 Lady Grey Teabags
A large sprig of mint
2ish tbsp caster sugar (prob 2.5)
Squeeze of lime juice
Squeeze of lemon juice
150ml orange juice

Make the tea with 900mls boiling water. Allow to steep for 10 mins, together with the mint and sugar.

Strain. Mix all the other ingredients together and allow to cool. Serve with ice, slices of lemon and mint.

Large floppy hat, porch swing and strong southern drawl optional, but recommended.



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