So, ummmmm……this

If you are a regular or long time reader of this blog you will know that I go quiet for three reasons. Either, it’s the summer holidays and I am on some internetless campsite with two children who wake at 5am and I don’t care what anyone says about going ‘off grid’ being liberating and fantastic, it’s a bit rubbish, especially when you can’t even check the weather forecast. Or, I have something on my mind that I don’t yet feel able to share, or I’m feeling low and fed up and generally am behaving like a hedgehog, all curled up and spikey. So, as you can imagine when all three hit at once, things get extremely quiet, no blogging, no blog reading or commenting and very little twitter *gasp* and so it has been for the last few weeks.

I have been away and in internet free zones, but that is only in the last couple of weeks, before that I was simply being quiet, trying to get through the days as my energy is sapped and I try to balance the trick of eating and not feeling sick, whilst my anxiety levels rise with each passing day.

I am skirting around the point and I am not really sure why, perhaps saying or writing it out loud, as it were is a much scarier than I thought, but yes, I am pregnant again and I am breaking the rule of sharing this before the magical twelve weeks, but I figure I have shared my bad news here before and so should share the good.

Photo 12-08-2013 13 55 48

I am now eleven weeks pregnant and had a scan with a lovely heartbeat at eight weeks. First hurdle jumped. From around six weeks I have been feeling sick all day and being sick for some of it. Second hurdle jumped, albeit a totally draining one. I’m not sure if needing to wear maternity trousers is a hurdle or just utterly depressing, but I have had to and even when I breathe in, there is a bump, or is it a belly.

There is nothing to do but wait it out and I can’t do that quietly. It’s simply not my style, I am a sharer and I share here. So, there you have it. I have come out of the baby closet and my word, what a relief.

Please note, small ‘Yays’ are absolutely allowed, but no ‘squeee’ing’, not only are they annoying, but it’s still pretty early days.


12 thoughts on “So, ummmmm……this

  1. Big congratulations! I’m an early sharer too. The 12-week “rule” is silly. And I’m with you on the maternity jeans. 12 weeks and I’m already in them. So happy for you!! Guess we’re due around the same time! 🙂

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