Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The Slow Edition

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My radio listening has really waned of late. I am sure it is something to do with being pregnant, when suddenly everything seems slightly off and out of kilter, but I realise how much I miss it and how I must be missing things I would love. 

One thing that I very nearly missed is The Slow Coach, a thirty minute programme about slowing down our lives, being less frantic and stretched. It only has two days left on iPlayer, although there is another installment next week. I appreciate the irony of telling you to hurry and listen to something about slowing down, but I promise it is worth it. 

It seems that summer, when we all dream of slowing down and taking a breath, can actually be more frantic. It certainly is here. Even with two of us at home, we seem to be rushing and writing more lists than ever. There are camping trips to prepare for and garden projects to be started and we seem to lose sight of the fact that this is our holiday, as we pack as much as we can into the six weeks (5 1/2 actually, I’m sure if it were 6 we wouldn’t be so rushed!)

As I listened to this while making a Bolonese sauce and hanging washing, I realised that one of the ways I mentally slow down is by listening to Radio 4 and that for me it is important. Suddenly my chores seemed to be getting done without the rush and the stress. The fact that my mind was listening whilst I was doing was amazingly relaxing. 

It seems Radio 4 is, in fact, good for my health. 


3 thoughts on “Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The Slow Edition

  1. It’s amazing how listening to something that is calmer and more relaxed like R4 can slow you down also. A R4 world is a nice place to be (perhaps with the occasional R2 diversion?)

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