Review: Walkers Mighty Lights

This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated. Opinions are my own (or those of my greedy, hungry family)

If I told you that it was a childhood dream of mine to be sent a box of Walkers Crisps, you would probably think I am lying just to write a review for them, but you’d be very wrong. I am very fussy about my crisps and you won’t find any cheap supermarket varieties in our cupboard. I am a Walkers girl through and through, a salt and vinegar Walkers girl to be more precise.

When I was about seven or eight I announced to my Dad that my dream fancy dress outfit of choice for the village carnival was a packet of Walkers Crisps. Now that I am a parent myself I can imagine how his heart must have sunk, however he’s a creative chap and sure enough he came up with the goods. Using an industrial sized plastic bag and a great deal of skill, he managed to turn me in to a pack of Walkers Crisps. We wrote to them in the hope that they would send us some crisps, Salt and Vinegar for me and Smokey Bacon for my resourceful Dad. Unfortunately, they sent us a lovely letter, but no crisps.


So, you can imagine my delight when, just before leaving for a week’s camping, a nice delivery man turned up with a box crammed with crisps. Walkers had no idea that by sending me their new Mighty Lights varieties they were ticking off an unfulfilled childhood wish.

Mighty Lights are Walkers new crisps made with 30% less fat and available in Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and Roast Chicken. They have no artificial colourings or flavourings and contain no MSG, so definitely more suitable for kids lunchboxes. I am fairly relaxed when it comes to snacks for my kids. We have plenty of homemade stuff and fruit is always available, but I’m also quite relaxed about the odd packet of crisps or ice cream. I was a little skeptical about the healthy element. I mean they are still crisps and so by definition contain fat and salt, but that said, if you can reduce these, then why not. My children are also quite good at rejecting a ‘healthy’ version of a snack, so I was curious to see if these would make they grade.

Photo 19-08-2013 10 20 59

Camping gave us the perfect opportunity to test them out, with a long car journey and plenty of picnic lunches once we got to our destination. Firstly, they absolutely passed the children’s taste test and I didn’t find any half eaten packets discarded. They are ridged and really crunchy and I could definitely taste that they have less fat, which I personally really liked.


To be honest the crisp expert in our house is Mckdaddy and he was delighted that they came in Roast Chicken flavour. If you ever ask him what variety he’d like you to get him, the answer is always simply “Meat!”. He thought the flavours were really tasty and not too overpowering, one of the things I like about normal Walkers crisps, and he loved the thick cut of them, giving them extra crunch and resulting in you actually getting a packet of crisps and not a packet of crumbs.

We would definitely give Mighty Lights a big thumbs up here and they are a really great alternative to more fatty crisps. In fact, I really only have one complaint, but I’m afraid it’s rather a biggie. NO SALT AND VINEGAR. I mean, really Walkers, what were you thinking?!


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