The Bright Patchwork Blanket or The ‘Is it for me?’ blanket

I was going to publish this tomorrow, but then I realised it is International Crochet Day today and I can’t let that pass without a crochet related post. A few months ago, when I hadn’t lost my crochet mojo, I finished this project and seeing as I also lost my blogging mojo it never made it here

Every time I crochet something, particularly if it’s a blanket, Mini Mck asks “Is it for me?” and usually it isn’t, so I promised him when I was hooking the Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket I promised that the next project would be for him.

I always feel a bit overwhelmed with decisions at the beginning of a project. A blank drawing board can be a daunting thing, but I love the way that ideas grow organically. They all have a definite starting point and seem to naturally form from there.

This one started with colour, as I used Mini Mck’s duvet sets from Ikea as a starting point. I knew I wanted something bold and unfussy, as befits a four year old’s blanket and the idea of doing one colour squares seemed perfect. I also knew I wanted it to be quite a quick project, as I had an itching to get on with a work in progress for myself and so I came up with the plan to make the granny squares quite large, this just seemed to lend itself to the style of the blanket as well and I am so pleased with how it worked out.


The final choice of colours was dictated by the turquoise blue squares, a gorgeous Amy Butler for Rowan yarn that I picked up in a sale, meaning I had limited amounts. I hooked a sample square and weighed it to calculate how many I could do with the yarn I had. The rest of the scheme was worked out from there. Even I was impressed with my organisational skills. Colour placement was less organised as I join the squares as I make them and don’t always get it perfectly right, but I am happy with the final outcome.


Most importantly Mini Mck was delighted with the finished product, although he did put me under quite a lot of pressure, asking most days if it would be finished by bedtime, including the day there were only four squares completed. He loves it and it was such a thrill to make something for one of my children, something I hope he’ll keep and use for many years.

In fact he loves it so much I couldn’t keep him out of the photos.



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