Small Things – A reminder

I haven’t written a small things post for ages and when you’re feeling a bit down it is so easy to forget those small pleasures that make the every day so special, but once you notice a few and realise a blog post is in order you start to notice them everywhere and now so will you.

Yarn shops, starting a new project and realising you’re going to love it, working up an old pattern that you’ve written and remembering that you have not only perfected it, but actually written it down correctly, other people’s colour palettes, they can be both fascinating and inspiring, managing to help a friend out of a crochet or knitting pickle with the help of only the internet and some photos.

Photo 06-07-2013 10 58 30

Weighing out the exact amount of an ingredient on the first go, a lemon drizzle cake, Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, which is an absolute classic and has been even before those Green & Blacks upstarts came on the scene, bothering to make a nice lunch just for yourself, the one precious, pregnancy sanctioned cup of fresh coffee, making perfect jam, recipe books.

Photo 06-09-2013 12 44 07

A bright autumn day, the first ‘anything’ from the allotment, your children playing unaided and happily in the park, packing the right clothes to take camping, not needing a coat, needing a coat, picking raspberries, watching the children picking and eating raspberries.

Going to bed early on a Friday night, knowing that the whole weekend is ahead of you, putting the blanket back on your bed after summer, uninterrupted sleep, waking naturally, being totally alone in your house.

Photo 14-09-2013 11 35 01

Renewing your library books before they are due, writing a list, sticking to a budget, saving for something and then buying it.

Instagram, going on Twitter to find a selection of your favourite people all there at the same time, knowing the difference between what your spell check says and actual English, reading old blog posts.

Finding a new series of boxsets to watch, Autumn tele, Strictly Come Dancing, not watching X Factor, discovering that your four year old adores The Great British Bake Off and will happily watch it with you the day after it’s been on, a screen free evening.

There are so many more that I have thought of and forgotten in the last few days and even more that I can’t remember if I’ve included before, although honestly Radio 4 should be included every time. It’s that wonderful.

So, what ‘small things’ have you noticed this week? I love hearing them as everyone comes up with something different and yet so many of them make me nod wildly.


4 thoughts on “Small Things – A reminder

  1. I was away with work this week so had a few meals by myself. Last night, deep fried cauliflower followed by lamb ravioli, followed by ‘epic brownie’ and all with a glass of rosé. Then Mr Brightside came on as I was eating the pudding. And I read Pride & Prejudice throughout. Totally blissful and mega.

  2. Oh my goodness, I nodded along with so many of those. I also exclaimed “Raspberries! I must get to the allotment tomorrow!” and grunted slightly at the thought of uninterrupted sleep. I look forward to that one. I hope your third baby is a better sleeper than mine. And radio 4. When I am an old woman, I shall crochet and listen to Radio 4…never mind the red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.

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