Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The Kellyfairy Edition

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Once again I have a lovely guest poster for Listening Pleasure today, which is good because I need some recommendations myself and this sounds perfect for me to crochet to. I shall hand you over the fabulous Kelly from A Place of my Own

I grew up with the sounds of Radio 4 filling my days. Laughs at dinner time with the comedy at 6.30 and the enforced silence of just past 7 when The Archers is on. My mum was always listening to a play or something and I don’t think she has ever been much happier than when she discovered iPlayer. Occasionally she will ring me and tell me that I should listen to this or that but more recently it has been my lovely friends Emily and Victoria who point me in the direction of real gems. We have even been tweeted by @BBCRadio4, it was a thrilling moment for me!

Today I wanted to let you know about once of my favourite series on Radio 4. I am not very good at catching certain programmes within the week or so you have to listen so I am a fan of any that stick around for a year or more. Short Cuts is a collection of short documentaries presented by Josie Long. Each week has a theme and you are treated to the most interesting, sweet, funny, adventurous stories of people. I cannot get enough of it and I wish that each series had more than six episodes but the good news is that this series is currently being broadcast and that means there is plenty of listening pleasure for you all right now. The other good news is that they are available as podcasts to download and listen to wherever and whenever you like.
So far I have listened to two of the episodes. Hush is all about keeping quiet, being lost for words and complete silence. My favourite stories in this one were ‘Hidden’ about boys being boys at school, and El’s story – about a girl with selective mutism whose mum didn’t realise she had stopped speaking for three months because she was perfectly fine at home. Growing Pains made me laugh, like Rude Boys where a mum and her son disagree about a hairstyle and cry at Danny and Annie, a beautiful story of two people in love.

I hope that you enjoy these if you listen. I plan on digging through the archives to see what else I can find.


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