It appears I have had a blogging hiatus. It wasn’t planned, mine never are. At first I just run out of inspiration and then I think I fall out of the habit of actually turning the laptop on and writing, but a month is really too long, particularly when I have so much happening, pregnancy, MM starting school. I admire bloggers who manage to blog regularly. I know that many of them are just as, if not more busy as I am and yet, after they’ve put their kids to bed, folded washing, packed lunches and all the other extra things that always seem to need doing, they fire up their computers and write. However, my brain seems frazzled by that time and I am unable to string together a coherent thought. I have been tired and sometimes consumed by the whole business of being pregnant and frankly no-one wants to hear about that. (to summerise: heartburn from hell, increasingly sore bump and permanent grumpy mood), but I do miss my little blog.

My blog reading and commenting has dropped too and that makes me sad and I think, a little reluctant to write myself. I love reading blogs and getting comments is still such a thrill, but fear of being ‘out of the loop’ or not putting the time in, shouldn’t take away from the writing itself. For me, it is worthwhile just on it’s own.

You see, even if I am not blogging or writing, my mind is. Ideas for posts about the kids, being pregnant, great things I’ve heard on the radio or even rants about politics are all there, tapping away at the door to my brain, whispering “Let me out”, louder and louder, until eventually they become a shout and are banging on that door and I can ignore them no longer.

So, I hope I am back. I miss this space, my readers and the wider community. I miss adding to the conversation, rather than just listening and lurking. I need to make this a habit again. I just hope people have hung around to listen.

By the way, on the subject of blog reading, my reader needs a spring clean and a shake up, so please, if you have any great blogs you are reading, I’d love to hear about them.


5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Ah, funny, I was just thinking about you the other day and even considered sending an email to enquire after your health. I probably dismissed the idea because I thought you’d think you’d gained a stalker. Anyway, good to have you back. Please post some listening inspiration soon. All I can think to listen to when I put radio 4 on the iplayer is desert island disks….

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