Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The Guilty Edition

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Radio choices are a lot down to timing for me. In the car on the way to school, I need some music. When I am cooking undisturbed I need something fabulous from Radio 4 on iPlayer. On a Sunday morning I need The Archers and Desert Island Discs and so quite often on a weekday afternoon you will find me tuned into 5live. Shocked? I have to admit I am myself to be honest. Why is a ‘dyed in the wool’ Radio 4 nut listening to the blokey, sporty 5live? Much to my own surprise I have been rather won over by Richard Bacon and the fabulous mix of items on his show, as well as him as a presenter.

If you can ignore the endless traffic and sport updates, I really do recommend you give it a listen. If you can’t then I recommend the podcast, which cuts out all that nonsense. This is a busy time of day for me. Usually rushing around the house for a quick tidy up, followed by the school run and then the urgent requests for drinks and snacks when we get home. It’s not really possible to concentrate on a drama or a documentary from Radio 4 and so this is perfect. Easy to dip in and out of and ideal for the car journey too.

I particularly like the Science spot on a Monday and the TV reviews on a Tues, although the constant discussion of X Factor and comparing everything to Breaking Bad can be rather wearing, but it’s really the day to day interviewing from Richard Bacon that I enjoy. Many of the guests I may never have heard of and I love being introduced to anything new. He seems to be the type of presenter that has knowledge of a wide range of subjects, but maybe not deep knowledge and so his enthusiasm to learn really comes across. He always seems to be engaged with his guest and asks the questions I want answered. An added bonus as it comes up so often in mainstream media these days, he is a broadcaster who actually seems to use and understand Twitter and so discussions around it don’t make me want to throw things at the radio.

Just to give you flavour of the variety and what seemed a particularly good week. Last week I heard interviews with David Dimbleby, who was utterly charming, Alan Davies, who spoke really frankly on lots of topics, including his brush with the courts over Twitter, an interview with a terminal cancer patient, who has been on before and once again had me in tears and of course Stephen Moffat talking about Dr Who.

Richard Bacon is on Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 4pm and trust me it really is worth a listen. Trust me.


2 thoughts on “Mummy Limited’s Listening Pleasure – The Guilty Edition

  1. The radio is great company isn’t it? One of my favourite shows that I don’t get to listen to very often is More or Less which is on a Friday at 4.30pm I think. It looks at numbers and statistics quoted in the news or articles and tests out if they’re really true. Appeals to my inner maths geek 🙂

  2. I heard an ad today for a show on R4 on Wednesday morning with Richard Wilson. I forget what it’s called. Have you heard it? I think it’s hilarious.

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