Deck the Halls

After a really busy October and November hooking remembrance poppies, really so busy that I could hardly keep up, my Christmas range of crochet is back in my Etsy shop. I am frantically hooking in between all our own Christmas preparations and loving the fact that my little hooky babies will be hanging on people’s trees, or in fact anywhere around their home.

Late last year, at the suggestion on my friend, I think, I tried out some mistletoe in red and was delighted with the results. It has such an iconic shape that I think it’s possible to mess with the colours a little and so this year I have also added turquiose and purple to the collection. The turquiose and red together are perfect for that toned down Skandi look that is so popular this year.




and the inspiration for the purple came from those beautiful jewel tone trees that I’ve seen. Christmas colour schemes always make me tempted to go for something new every year.



Do not worry though, I haven’t gone completely modern, the traditional dark and light green in both holly and mistletoe are still available.

2012-11-18 15.19.58


I am giving the holly as teacher’s gifts this year for Mini Mck’s lovely Reception class staff and hope that they will appreciate as much as a bottle of red. Something they can keep and use each year.

You can find them all in my Etsy shop, Teal and Mustard and you can get there by clicking on the picture in my sidebar, but hurry, there isn’t long to go until the big day and once I run out of stock or probably more likely time, that will be it for another year.



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