Dental care in pregnancy

When Oral B asked me if I’d like to try their Triumph 5000 toothbrush and Pro-Expert toothpaste, while I am pregnant, I jumped at the chance. Dental hygiene during pregnancy is especially important, as you are far more likely to suffer with bleeding gums and so need to treat your gums and teeth with care. I’ve been prone to bleeding gums with all my pregnancies, but this time seems particularly bad, sometimes bleeding even when I wasn’t brushing my teeth.

As well as my lovely package Oral B directed me to this great website full of tips and information on gum and teeth health. For example I never knew that cleaning your tongue is a recommended thing to do, I thought it was just a weird thing that I like to do. Also, it is advisable to have at least one dentist appointment while you’re pregnant. I’ve booked one, it still counts with only six weeks to go, right?

When the toothbrush arrived it looked awfully fancy and seemed to include some kind of digital monitor that my tired and pregnant brain couldn’t make head or tail of. Luckily they also sent me some mascara and a few other bits and pieces to pamper myself and even I can work out how to use those.


I did manage to find a quiet moment to work out the digital monitor and it turns out reading the instruction book was all it took and it really isn’t complicated at all. This brush and monitor have been quite a revelation to my dental hygiene routine. I really am a sucker for a fancy gadget. The monitor wirelessly shows your brushing time and which programme you have chosen and the toothbrush itself flashes a red light if you use too much pressure. The pressure you use, especially if you suffer with bleeding gums is important, it should be gentle enough not to damage the gums, but still remove all the plaque. I was really surprised how often I was applying too much pressure, especially when I first switched to this brush.

Using this brush is definitely teaching me to pay attention to my teeth. I am sure I didn’t used to brush for two minutes before, sometimes it would be more and sometimes less. I would tend to wander around, looking at Twitter *ahem* and listening to the radio. Now, I stay put, look in the mirror at what I am doing, focus on the task in hand and my bleeding gums have definitely reduced significantly. I also have the added bonus of Mini Mck and sometimes even Nano joining me to clean their own teeth, using my timer. It seems they are also a sucker for a gadget. Not only are they brushing for the right amount of time, but they are watching me brush and so learning how to do it properly and I don’t even have to nag them. A big win!

Photo 09-01-2014 19 04 39

I may share the fancy digital timer with them, but they aren’t getting near the toothpaste, not only because it’s not suitable for children, but because I love it. I usually go for supermarket own brand or whatever is on offer and this is rather pricey at £3.99 for 75ml, but it keeps my teeth feeling clean all day and has a brilliant flavour, similar to the mouthwash at the dentist. I have no scientific basis for my next claim, but I’m sure I need less of it than others I’ve tried. I’m using a small toothbrush head and yet a small blob of toothpaste is more than enough to clean all my teeth really thoroughly.

All in all I’ve become quite evangelical about looking after my teeth, so much so I’m even considering flossing too and as for that dentist appointment I’m hoping to get a gold star from him for my lovely clean and healthy teeth and gums when I go next week.


2 thoughts on “Dental care in pregnancy

  1. congratulations on the fabulous line ”I am pregnant” :o) so pleased for you
    As for pregnancy and gums, yep mine were ruined. thankfully the wonderful NHS, who took my tooth out when my gum let go it’s hold, replaced it once E arrived. Not that I wear it though as it rubs my gums – fingers crossed dentures will have improved by the time the rest of them fall out!

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