Review: Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra

There are many things about parenting that you can’t possibly understand before the baby arrives. For instance, the hours you spent choosing exactly the right travel system should’ve been spent choosing a really good sling. Also, that nursing bras are a bit grim. However pretty they are these days, they will never be as nice as your underwired, low cut, pre pregnancy bras.

The only one I own that I won’t be burning when all this breastfeeding lark is over is my Bravado Body Silk Bra. When I read a blog review that has nothing bad to say about a product I always find myself raising an eyebrow, so in the spirit of full disclosure I should tell you that although Bravado provided me with a bra, free of charge, to review, I already owned the same style, bought by my own pennies and it is one of my maternity and breastfeeding essentials.

The Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra is a perfect nursing bra for nighttime or even just a lazy comfy day at home. One of the things I hated about breastfeeding was having to wear a bra at night and the times I did skip it, in the early days at least, I was punished with leaky boobs and rather damp pyjamas. Once I bought this bra though I really didn’t mind.


It is so comfortable to wear that I have used it even when not pregnant or breastfeeding and it was perfect for doing my evening pregnancy yoga practice. I’ll admit, It’s not going to give you the kind of support you need for jogging, but for nighttime wear it is perfect. It has a wide, soft and stretchy band for around the body, which fits snugly, but doesn’t cut into you, like some. The material used for the cups is soft and seamless and it comes with removable inserts to pad the bra, should you wish to.

The other thing you don’t realise varies from bra to bra before you start feeding is how easy the bra cup is to unclip. When you have a wiggly hungry baby to feed, particularly at 2am when you are half asleep, you need a bra that is going to unclip easily and with one hand. You would think that would be given, but i can assure you I have bras that need two hands to unhook. Useless. Not this one though. The clips open when needed and stay closed when they should.

The updated version is now available in a much wider range of colours and the hot pink I was sent isn’t usually what I’d pick up, but I love that it goes with my new post pregnancy pyjamas. I can chuck it in a colours wash without it turning grey.

The new version also comes with an adaptor, so that when the breastfeeding days are over it can be just a normal bra, with no clip on the cup. Normally I’d wonder why you’d want to keep a nursing bra, but seeing as this is the only nursing bra I own that didn’t get packed away after each pregnancy I think the chances of me continuing to wear it are extremely high.

It’s such a relief, at the end of each day to remove my grim, nursing bra and replace it with this one. Thank you Bravado.


One thought on “Review: Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra

  1. Definitely going to invest in one of these. Am currently living in two Emma Jane maternity / nursing bras – my old bras won’t get near me and the thought of putting anything underwired on at the mo leaves me cringing with discomfort!

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