Review: Pumpkin Patch at Kiddicare

Before Lady Mck arrived I told myself that if I did have a girl I wouldn’t bother with new clothes for the first year and she would just be dressed in the unisex or blue clothes we already own. However, it turns out that there are some gorgeous clothes for baby girls and they are just too tempting. There are also some hideous ones, too pink, too grown up, too impractical. So, I was intrigued to have a sneak peak at Kiddicare’s new items in their Pumpkin Patch range.

They sent me a broad sample of the range, from smart dresses to everyday short sleeves vests. If I had to sum up the range I’d say it was traditional with some modern twists, which I love. There’s no cringeworthy slogans or too much ultra fashion details and in my mind that’s just how it should be for such young customers.


I’ve been surprised during my brief introduction to girls’ clothes that it’s incredibly hard to find anything that doesn’t, at least, have a touch of pink, so it was refreshing to see many Pumpkin Patch clothes have none at all.

My two favourite outfits are an absolutely gorgeous cotton dress with a collar, in lemon and pale grey stripes and a leggings and tee shirt set in navy blue, yes BLUE, for a girl. So refreshing.

I do find the sizing to be rather large. I am used to my children wearing smaller sizes than their actual age, but these so seem particularly large. I was sent mainly 3-6 month sizes and I suspect she’ll be quite a bit older before she fits most of it. There is a pair of shorts that would almost fit Nano. So, I’m afraid she can’t model any of it for you today.

However, the quality of everything is amazing. Lovely full skirts in the dresses and lots of nice details to add interest while still be easy to take on and off.


What I like most about this range is how distinctive it seems to be. Something a little different, both in terms of style and colour. Thank you Kiddicare. We’ll definitely be looking out for what else is coming out of the Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkin Patch is currently available in store only. Follow the link to find your nearest Kiddicare store.


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