There is a time for….

Sometimes there is time for being creative.

For making sure packed lunches have home baked goods in them and cooking dinner from scratch every day.

For decluttering and tidying. For planning and plotting.

For packing your toddler’s day with fun things to do.

For staying up too late and going out in the evening.

For going on a diet or reducing caffeine and sugar.

For housework

For finishing crochet projects, writing blog posts and getting the sewing machine out.

For being on top of it all.

There is also a time for realising that time isn’t now.


Sometimes there is a time for early nights and getting as much sleep as possible.

For taking the easy option.

For doing the bare minimum.

For choosing the easy dinner.

For putting Cbeebies on more than you’d like.

For watching unchallenging, but oh so addictive and pleasurable, cooking programmes.

For not wearing make up

For putting your feet up for 10 minutes, even when chaos surrounds you.

For being pleased if you just achieve one thing in a day and not minding if you don’t even manage that.

For rarely being alone or having space

For cuddling the baby just a little longer

For not being as good as you’d like, but realising you’re still good enough.

For accepting that sometimes it’s ok to just want to put the baby down.

For appreciating even the smallest moments doing something that soothes the soul.

For realising it won’t be like this forever.



5 thoughts on “There is a time for….

  1. If a little baby can’t slow you down, what can? I will remember your words in a few weeks and try not to miss those early moments doing things that can wait. Because realistically I’m never going to get it done anyway so why try? Lovely post and lovely words x

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