2014 – A retrospective

Is it too late for a look back at 2014? I’ve decided to apply the same rule as I do for Christmas Thank You cards. That is, it’s still acceptable until the end of January.

I took the children to the park the other day. It was freezing and as we sat on a bench eating crisps, I was transported back to the very same spot, in August, where Mini Mck first rode his bike without stabilisers. It seems so long ago. Lots of things happened in 2014. Some big, some small. I thought I’d record some here to remind me.


Lady Mck was born
Nano started pre-school
I learnt to sew a zip into a cushion cover
MM won the egg and spoon race on sports day.
We bought a new tent, our forever tent.
Nano stopped wearing nappies.
I found my first grey hair
MM started weekly football practice
I had a birthday with a zero on the end.
We finally had our loft conversion done.
Mini Mck learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers.
Lady Mck started crawling
I got my first grown up bike
Nano mastered whistling
I mastered Choux pastry
Nano went to his first football match
Grandad and Nanny Limited moved to a house 5 mins walk away
I gave birth at home
The boys went trick or treating for the first time.
MM ate mussels and loved them
Auntie Mckdaddy bought her first house
We took 3 children to a wedding…and had a great time
Mini Mck started playing with proper Lego…and fell in love with it.
Mckdaddy learned how to make really good handmade bread
Lady Mck went camping
The boys briefly shared a bedroom
We finally painted a blackboard wall in the kitchen.
Mini Mck became obsessed with “How to Train your Dragon” books
I bought a Kindle
Nano learned to ‘scoot’
MM started reading to us and writing little notes.


All in all, I’d say a pretty good year


One thought on “2014 – A retrospective

  1. What a lovely list. I am impressed that you have only just found your first grey hair, I have been finding them for years!

    I really love the fact my photo is in one of your mosaics. I imagine it is just because I am behind all that lovely cake and sandwiches,

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