Things I won’t miss about having builders in my house (and things I will)

On the 27th November last year, two lovely builders started working in our home. They had a break over Christmas, but obviously we were still living in a muddle. On Friday they finished, leaving us with a lot of decorating to do and a big IKEA furniture order to make.

I won’t miss the dust, the noise, never being able to get my floors clean, having to wash my hands all the time. I won’t miss my dirty washing baskets being in my dining room, Lady Mck &
Nano’s clothes being in our bedroom and every single room in the house being in a muddle. I won’t miss having to make tiny decisions every day about door handles and where the plugs are going. I won’t miss getting those decisions wrong. I won’t miss people being in my house all the time, as nice as they are, I want our house back. I won’t miss the scaffolding and the bags of plaster and the garden that looks like a mudpit. I won’t miss them arriving just as I need to get the children in the car, I don’t think we’ve left on time since they started.

There are a few things I will miss though. Someone bringing in the milk for me, never having to remember to take my keys out with me and Nano having someone to chat to, although I’m sure the builders won’t miss this. I’ll miss having someone to reach something unreachable out of the shed. I will miss not having to do the cleaning, I gave up on that weeks ago. I’ll miss seeing it change each day and having people in the house who would get excited about bannister rails and light fittings. Someone to be here when parcels are delivered. I won’t miss not being able to do anything on the build. It all must wait until they’re finished and then oh my word, the decorating. So much decorating.

I’ve been trying to take some good photos and a video to show you how it looks now. Time, light and space are making this tricky, but watch this space.


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