A year in books {February}

Two of my absolute favourite bloggers share the books they are reading. Laura has even turned her aim to read one book a month into a fabulous hashtag for others to share also. I really tried to join in with #ayearinbooks last year but could never quite manage it. I think that perhaps I felt the books I managed to read were not worthy or challenging enough.

However, recently, Sarah wrote about how her appetite for reading has returned now that her children are no longer babies and it hit me that mine are still tiny and the fact that I am reading anything is an achievement. When MM was a baby I don’t think I finished a book in a year, let alone a month and so I shouldn’t judge my choices so harshly. There are many years ahead for Hilary Mantel and Donna Tartt. For now I need something a little lighter, a little easier and that is perfectly fine too.

So, what have I been reading so far in 2015? I started with a lovely, familiar, seasonal novel. I adore Jenny Colgan, she’s funny, romantic and her novels are more than just boy meets girl. She writes about food so vividly, I am always delighted when she publishes something new. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop was no exception. Perfect for the Christmas period.

My second January book was on my Christmas list. Everything about Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest is urging you to own the real, tangible book, rather than an electronic version, from the perfect shade of the pink cover, to the lovely photos and even the feel of the thick pages. The contents don’t disappoint either. Already I have totally changed my skincare habits and am covering my tiredness with make up.

I haven’t finished it yet so shall carry it into February together with my other book, this time on my kindle, bought in the sale. How to be a Husband by Tim Dowling has been another book I’ve been wanting to read for a while. It seems February is the month of the Guardian columnist and the month of non-fiction.

Photo 01-02-2015 15 04 24

For lots of other book recommendations have a look at Laura’s linky at Circle of Pine Trees. It’s a great source of ideas.


2 thoughts on “A year in books {February}

  1. I love to read, but it is so difficult when you are up and down to children. I try to read every night still. I’d recommend The Book Thief it’s a great book. x

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