I have become rather addicted to making a monthly Instagram collage, but I am really a words person and I feel they need words. I’m not promising myself that this will be a regular feature, but I like the idea of reflecting on a month. I find memory such a subjective and moveable thing and I only get a true recollection of things when they are written at the time.

So many people say they find January grim and depressing. It is dark and dank and long. In fact I think I have felt the school runs more than ever this month. Turfing everyone out twice a day when it’s cold and not properly light is rather miserable. However, I’ve found January has sped and I’ve felt better than I have for months.

As much as I love Christmas, it all felt too much last year. The addition of a huge building project abandoned for the festive season half finished just left me feeling squeezed, emotionally, physically and mentally. In January we waved goodbye (kind of) to our lovely builders and started the mammoth painting and finishing task. It felt good to be able to crack on with it, at last and I’m so proud of how much we’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

I seemed to spend a lot of time alone with the children in January. We accepted that the quickest and least stressful way to get all the work needed in the house done was for Mckdaddy to get on with it, while I kept the tribe entertained. It’s forced me to make plans. We have been to the cinema, for long (too long) walks and had Lego afternoons. Crazily I’d often feel a little nervous of taking all three of them out for long periods on my own and January really helped with that.

I have such a long list of crochet projects that are want to do or have already started that I need a whole blog post on it’s own, but this month I really motored along with a project that I’d been struggling with. I did something I never usually do and unravelled a cardigan that I was making for Lady Mck. The yarn was just all wrong and since changing to the yarn that the pattern specified in a gorgeous peacock blue I’ve nearly finished it and luckily the rejected yarn is perfect for Nano’s blanket for his new room.

We finished January getting a little more sleep than we had been. Basically we’ve almost completely given up on the small cot in our room. It turns out that Lady Mck will sleep for hours and hours in her pushchair, so a combination of that and our bed has given us our evenings back and me the opportunity of early nights. I cannot wait for her to have her own room, although remain unconvinced that she’ll spend much time there.



One thought on “January

  1. Getting evenings back makes such a difference doesnt it? Don’t envy you with the painting though, so hard doing that and having small children. We did most of ours over the summer, a coat a night meant we got a room a week done. But at that point we had 2 children who slept 7-7 🙂

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