I love…. {for a 1st birthday}

An unashamedly positive post for my girl’s first birthday, because if you can’t be told how fabulous you are on your birthday, when can you?


I love the way you were born, at home, quickly, safely and with no fuss. Arriving overnight to greet your brothers when they woke. I love how you took to breastfeeding like a pro. I love how your oldest brother fell in love with you instantly and how that hasn’t waned, only become stronger as you’ve started to give back. I love how your younger brother has slowly become more interested in you and you him and how much you enjoy his boisterousness and craziness. I love that you are a girl.

I love that your hair doesn’t know what colour it wants to be and it has curls at the back, the rest of us all have straight hair. I love how beautifully you sit, a relaxed straight back and long neck. We should all look at a baby’s posture for tips. I love that you look like Nano did at the same age, except when you’re asleep, when you look just like Mini Mck.

I love that you love to fling yourself around. Backwards to see the world upside down, forwards off the bed into your Dad’s arms. All the way over if I tip you upside down. I love how a bath never fails to cheer you up and that you already love books, even if that does involve a mostly eating them. I love how you light up when you hear music and that your favourite song is “All about the base” (the radio edit. Obv)

I love that you still need me but I also love that you are much happier with others, especially your Dad. I love that you want to sleep close to us and that you somehow manage to take up most of the bed. I love that you have a comforter. Felix Bear gets cuddles and kisses when you’re awake and soothes you when you need to sleep. I love your big, smacky kisses, right on my lips and that you save them only for me. I also love that you refuse to let me video them. You do not perform on demand and nor should you. I love that you can be soothed and drift to sleep with a back rub or a stroke of the head.

I love that you do so much. Waving, clapping, wiggling, sitting down when asked, slow blinking, making car noises, saying na’night, passing things, emptying EVERYTHING and that you delight in it all. Discovering and living life with such zeal.

This last year has been very hard in lots of ways, but I love how you are absolutely, completely worth the hard work.



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