A year in books {March}

It’s amazing how giving yourself a break can instantly return the joy of something. Since deciding that I was going to stop being so pompous about my current reading choices I’ve found myself reading more and loving it. One of the side effects of this is wanting to go bed earlier so that I can manage more than two paragraphs of my book and so I am joining Circle of Pines The Year in Books again this month.

I managed to finish my February book before the end of the month and am excited to start my March choice. One book a month, that’s the plan, slow and steady. I loved How to be a Husband and I mean really LOVED it. The kind of love, that makes you not only recommend to everyone, but read big chunks out to your long suffering partner. (I know he won’t read it. He never reads the books I recommend) It made me laugh out loud, but I found myself smiling through most of it. Such a sweet, accurate portrayal of a long term relationship. Just delightful.

I seem to have a real appetite for memoirs this year. My boom for March is Love Nina by Nina Stibbe. A collection of letters to her sister from when she was a nanny in London in her youth. I heard parts of this last year on Radio 4’s Book of the Week and have wanted to read it ever since. I took a solo trip to the library during half term and as well as a heap of camping books, to start planning our summer escape, I picked up a copy and am excited to start it. I’m interested, through these posts, to see if I read more when the book is on my kindle. I love the feel of real books but I have to admit that using the kindle is easier when I am rocking a pushchair or feeding or cuddling the baby. Last month’s was an electronic book, so let’s see how I do with real paper and ink.


Photo 07-03-2015 22 23 36


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