The one where I get all topical

Since the Duchess of Cambridge left hospital looking amazing, with her husband and new daughter I’ve read blogs and seen lots of chatter on Twitter wondering how she could possibly look so amazing and how awful she must’ve been feeling and how somehow, her looking good twelve hours after giving birth, makes the rest of us feel bad about ourselves. 

I have to admit to being a little confused and it all smacks of jealousy to me. I understand that we don’t want to portray giving birth as no big deal, but many people seem to think that she has performed some hideous, tortuous task, by leaving hospital after twelve hours. So, before I join those wildly spectating about how she feels, let’s look at what we actually know. She walked outside, wearing a loose fitting dress, where her husband held her arm as she walked down some steps. She was wearing a bit of make up and had her hair loose and blow dried. She then waved, smiled and walked back inside. The whole thing took two minutes. She then came back outside, got in a car and was driven the short distance to her own home. She looked fabulous and glowing and this seems to be controversial. However, I have noticed something about women who have just given birth. They look amazing. There’s probably some kind of physiological reason, blood flow, hormones, but generally they glow.

Now I’m going to start speculating about how she felt and what she wanted. Maybe she wanted to be back in her own home as soon as possible and I’m not sure it really is an option for them to duck out a back door. Maybe they didn’t want to. From what I read, Prince William is pretty strict on what access he will and will not give, which is hardly surprising when you consider his past. Remember it wasn’t only the press waiting, but some die hard Royal supporters who had been camped out for days. (Did someone say ‘Nutcases’?) and the Royal Family do need the support of the public to survive. As a good friend said on Facebook yesterday, it is kind of her job.  Maybe in a small way the Duchess wanted to show her baby off. I know I did. “Look what I did world!” 

As for the inconvenience of the hair and make up help, which I believe was ONE person, I clearly remember that first delicious shower after giving birth, it was heaven. If someone had then popped a bit of make up on me and given me a fab blow dry while I cuddled my new baby, I’d have been more than happy. I think it’s totally reasonable for her to want to look groomed to have her picture taken. I would. 

I appreciate that all labours are different. Some women would need more recuperation for lots of reasons and of course, that should be respected, but on the other hand I applaud her for normalising it. I’m sure she had the option of staying in hospital as long as she felt necessary, but perhaps like many women, she wanted to go home, to her older child, to where she is comfortable. 


She stood for two minutes in a loose fitting dress and then went home, where I imagine she had a nice cup of tea, put her pyjamas on, put her feet up and gave her kids a big cuddle. I suspect however that she pop a fresh maternity pad in just before meeting the world’s media. I mean, did you see the colour of that dress?!


3 thoughts on “The one where I get all topical

  1. This! A thousand times this! I don’t think for one minute that they would have stood on those steps for photographs if they didn’t want to. I would have been more surprised if she didn’t look anything but immaculate. That said, I do think she is super human and I say that as her number one fan, I was a jelly legged mess that soon after having my babies! Respect!

  2. I’m a Kate fan too but I was left open-mouthed when I saw her look so amazing 10 hours after giving birth. But then, as most of us do, I’m comparing this with my own experience, and ten hours after giving birth, I was a bloody, swollen, greasy-haired, hormonal state! I haven’t seen any real negativity towards Kate – maybe I’m not following the ‘right’ people or reading the columnists who might be mean about her.

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