I love…..{for a sixth birthday}

For Lady Mck’s birthday I wrote an utterly positive post. It was a joy to write, so I am doing it again for Mini Mck, my eldest. I wonder if perhaps I’m not always as positive about my children as I could be. It feels good. 

I love how much you have grown in the past year. Gone are the tantrums of old, replaced with someone who can reason and think things through. I love how you adore your sister. Still. I keep waiting for the novelty of her to wear off, but it doesn’t. I love that you will help your brother with things, if he can’t make something, you will do it for him.

I love your enthusiasm for life. It is easy to get you interested in things. I love that you have a proper, best friend, who you spend ages just chatting with. I love that this hasn’t meant you’ve excluded yourself from others. I love that other kids in your class are always calling your name to say goodbye at the end of the day.

I love how creative you are. Always making and drawing and making stories, always to your own tune. I love that you are so full of ideas and will independently make them work. I hope you keep this need to be creative, it will enrich your life in so many ways. I love that you have your own, very specific and excellent ideas about your birthday parties and that when it was done you thanked me and your Dad for working so hard on it and doing such a good job.

I love that you are different at school, quieter, beautifully behaved at all times and yet, when I speak to your teachers, I can recognise the boy they are describing. I love that you have let them know you. I love that you are an ‘all-rounder’ in your learning, happy to join in with all subjects, good at maths and science, as well as art. I love that you really listen at school.

I love that you love Lego. Building it, using the instructions, doing your own thing and then making up fabulous stories with it. I love that you will save your pocket money to buy the sets you really want. I love that you tidy your room and put the shopping away with little complaint to get your pocket money. I love that you can make scrambled eggs and carry a cup of tea upstairs. I love that you can carry your sister and that she trusts you enough to let you. I love that you are much more adventurous with food than you used to be and that you love going to a restaurant to eat.

I love that, to me, you seem to be getting really tall and your legs just keep growing and yet when I see you with your friends you are still the shortest. I love ‘that, even though you don’t like “babyish TV”, you will still sit and watch Peppa Pig with your brother and giggle at it, despite yourself. I love that you can whistle and wink and your most recent achievement, click your fingers.

I love that you seem to suit ‘six’ already.

Noah 6th birthday collage


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