Off the hook {Applique Cushion Covers}

This week seems to have been packed to bursting, in fact every week seems to be packed to bursting. I guess that’s how it is in a family of five, with five people’s appointments, birthdays, friends, interests and needs to take into account. I like to think we are pretty good at not over-scheduling the kids, but we still seem to be fitting it all in with precision planning. Today is another juggle, as I help out at the School Fair and Mckdaddy’s football team have reached the play offs. Oh, how I long for this football season to be over. Of course, no sooner will it be over, than it will begin again, while we are still wearing shorts and suncream and sunglasses.

No matter how busy I am it is unusual for my crochet hook to be left idle for more than a few days. There have been times since Lady Mck was born, a year that I only just feel I emerging from, that I have literally hooked only three stitches before she has woken and needed me, but the intention is always there. So, since the last thing I shared with you, finished only a few hours before she was born, I have finished many other projects and learnt new skills. I am going to try and share them here. A project never feels quite finished until it has been blogged.

One of the things that often holds some of my projects back from being finished is my fear of and laziness around sewing. The crochet part comes naturally and sewing seams together with wool I can do without much thought, but actual sewing hurts my brain and so I need uninterrupted time, preferably in the day and that is hard to come by. A few weeks before Lady Mck was born, Mckdaddy took the boys away for the so I could have a weekend of ‘maternity leave’. He kept two small children in a rainy, cold and windy North Norfolk resort and I had time to rest, eat all my favourite foods, fold baby clothes and get the sewing machine out.

Some of the scatter cushions on our bed were looking a little tired and so I altered the size of standard pillowcases, that I then wanted to embellish a little. I love that being able to make things myself means when I am searching the shops for the perfect cushion and can’t find it, I can actually make something that suits perfectly. This project was made even easier when I realised that I had some IKEA crochet shapes that could be hand stitched onto the pillowcase and I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed that I had all the right colour yarn in my stash to make applique shapes for the second cushion.


For what looks like such an easy little project it has taken me ages to finish this one. The hand stitching took me ages and I designed the shapes as I went along so it needed brain power, not something that is in abundance when you are pregnant or have a tiny baby and so this often spent months in the project bag. However, I finally retrieved it recently and finished it off and I am so happy with the results. Such a simple way to upcycle plain pillowcases and as it uses up small scraps of yarn it’s really good for the budget too.


Mine is the one on the right and the IKEA shapes are on the left. See, scary colour matching, my yarn stash is too big!


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