Off the hook {Cable yoke cardigan} and a bit of a ramble

I currently seem to be having a bit of a blogging confidence crisis, which is ironic because my last post got more exposure than anything I’ve ever written, so thank you to anyone who shared or commented on it and incidentally there’s a little update for you on that subject. I think that I got freaked out that all the new readers would be a little disappointed with my usual fare of kids and crochet and moaning about being tired. So, what’s the best thing to do when the confidence goes? You have to just write, even if only a little. So, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m off to Blogtacular next week and I’m hoping that it will inject some much needed inspiration into my little corner of the Internet and me in general really. At the moment I think it’s probably contributing to my blog crisis. So much great content out there. So many amazing, creative people to meet. It’s scary. I also had my first wibble about leaving Lady Mck this morning. It’ll be the first time I’ve been away from her overnight and whilst she may fifteen months old, she has always been very much attached to me, above all others. Added to that the fact that I am still feeding her and she will not take a bottle, I am more than a little nervous. Actually, I am not really sure if I am nervous about her needing me and me not being there or nervous that she won’t need me at all.

As ever, through all the manic rushing around and the obvious, ‘being in my head too much’ worries, I am crocheting. For me, there is nothing as calming as feeling yarn wound through my fingers and the methodical working of it to make something that seems to grow out of nowhere. I have a few projects to show you that have been on the hook and finished since Lady Mck was born and today’s is one I finished quite recently.

After crocheting for five years I decided it was time to stop being scared and make something to wear. I am currently working on something for myself, which is the most challenging and most exciting project I have started for ages, more of that another day. However, I thought it was best to start on the nursery slopes, so to speak and so something for Lady Mck was a great way to practice, without wasting too much yarn or time.

I chose a wonderful, fairly simple in it’s construction, cable cardigan. I love cables and had recently learnt how to knit them when my allegiances switched from knitting to crochet. I was desperate to try the crochet version of them and I wasn’t disappointed. What is it about cables that makes them such fun to work. I think perhaps it’s the way they seem to magically appear out of, what seems like, a mess of stitches. The pattern is from Kat Goldin’s first book Crochet at Play and it was a lovely project to push my skills, without being totally overwhelming. Worked in one piece, it cuts down on the finishing, which as I’ve mentioned before I find laborious

When I first started this I decided to totally ignore the instructions in the book and use a different yarn. I blame impulsive yarn purchases and lovely ladies in yarn shops. It wasn’t long that I realised it was all wrong. The stitch definition wasn’t good enough and it just made the whole piece look far too chunky. So, I did the right thing and pulled it all out, ordered the wool from the pattern, which happened to come in the most gorgeous colours and started again. There is something quite satisfying about realising a project isn’t working out and changing tack I find.

I absolutely love the results, particularly the gorgeous cabled yoke and the detail on the sleeves and at the bottom. Amazingly, seeing as it was my first ever garment it came out the size it should, albeit a tiny bit small for Lady Mck, but this is entirely due to how long it took me and not the pattern or my working of it.

IMG_7489 IMG_7501 IMG_7515

I fully expect to hook another one of these for her in a bigger size as it was a joy to make and I am so pleased with the finished result. You see, crochet, totally good for the soul, starting something, finishing something, no worries in between about what people think. Blogging should be more like that….


2 thoughts on “Off the hook {Cable yoke cardigan} and a bit of a ramble

  1. Oh I hear you! On the confidence crisis, on the influence of Blogtacular even as we hold high hopes for it, on the joys of crochet, on the desired but illusion carefree blogging. That little cardigan is gorgeous! My allegiance switch went the other way. I used to be all about the crochet, even my ravelry name (KellyCrochet) shows my reluctance to knit. Now, I don’t know the last time I crocheted. Oh wait, I do, but still it’s only once in a while.

  2. I go through that every time I go to a conference, funnily this time its prompted me to blog the most that I have done in years! I love the cardigan and I can’t wait for a catch up next Saturday xx

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